Obi will reclaim his stolen mandate like we did - LP lawmakers

Obi will reclaim his stolen mandate like we did - LP lawmakers

Obi will reclaim his stolen mandate like we did - LP lawmakers

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

Hon.Justice Azuka, member- elect, Onitsha North 1 constituency, and Hon. Fred Ezenwa, representing Onitsha South 1, in the State House of Assembly, both under the platform of Labour Party, LP, who reclaimed their mandate from the Election Petition Tribunal in Anambra State, Monday, assumed that the Presidential candidate of LP, Mr. Peter Obi, would also reclaim his stolen mandate by the time Supreme Court would deliver its judgment on the presidential election.

Giving the assurance at the LP Secretariat along Awka road, onitsha, the member-elect, Hon Azuks thanked God for his victory at the tribunal, and also judiciary for upholding the truth that gave him the victory.

He further commended LP, presidential candidate Peter Obi,  LP House of Representatives member  for Onitsha Federal constituency, Hon. Emeka Idu and those of the State House of Assembly, including party members for their efforts which brought him to victory.

"My promises, a lot need to be done in Onitsha 1 constituency, a lot have been done in the past but still have a lot to do, starting from the youths, a lot of our youths have gone into drugs, we need to fix that, we don't have a gang out for the old, nobody have time to take care of them, I mean our senior citizens.

"A whole lot of youths are idol at home, we need to reorient them,we need to call them to order, they say Nigerian youths are lazy, I am a youth and I am not lazy, I will use my self as a role model for youths, to get back on their feet and fix our community.

"Onitsha never have a town hall, these are the things I intend to make sure before the end of my tenure will get fix and a lot of things, we will start from somewhere,  in due time,we know what we can achieve," he stated 

Contributing, Hon. Ezenwa said "We are happy that justice has finally prevailed, we are happy to welcome Azuka at the hallow chamber of House of Assembly, Anambra state, on reclaiming his own mandate through the tribunal,"

On his own victory at the tribunal also Ezenwa said that it was a manifestation of fact that tribunal, court upheld the hope of the downtrodden, adding that it was obvious he won the election 

" God of justice has restored my mandate, I give glory to God.
We are praying seriously for the mandate of people to be restored because if you witness what happened in the court of Appeal, you will know this is a rape of justice. Peter Obi won the election and Nigerians know that he won the election but these people want to take it away from him.

"God of justice will not allow them, we are praying vehemently for Supreme Court to give him justice, if supreme court fails to declare Peter Obi as the winner, it is a very bad precedent for this country. This country will go in shambles because there is no need to go into that their proclaimation.

"There is no way the country will move forward unless they daclare his excellency the winner of that presidential election, he won the election from all indications
The truth about the election of 18 March is clear, we won the election, they took us to Appeal, we won and if they decide to go to Supreme Court, we will meet them there.

"My fellow House of Assembly member who contested from another party gave me a congratulatory message on the 19th March after the election on the 18th, he even pldged to work with me and I told him that we will sit down, iron out and work together for the good of the constituency.

"I was surprised three weeks later, I was called by somebody, a question was posed to me, did I know that you are sued, a case was filed against me at the election tribunal, and I said I didn't know. The person told me to make inquiry and I told him that it is Uzoma Eli and I called him, and he told me that it is true, that when he gave his words he did not go back to it.

"He revealed that it was the party and some few individuals that insisted he must go to court against me and I told him that since this world began, I have never had a problem with him and he said yes. I told him what if we sit down in a particular place, try to find a solution to this, he said okay, I asked him whether it will be at Onitsha or Awka and he said that wherever I want it to be, but it will be in Anambra state.

" Two hours later, I called him and he didn't pick my calls, I repeated, he didn't pick, I now started preparing for tribunal and eventually, we met at the tribunal, and he was claiming that I am not a member of labour party but PDP,.

"He was asked in the court whether he is a member of LP he said no, he was asked again, are you a member of PDP, he said no, he was asked by the court, how do you know honourable Ezenwa is not a member of LP,and  he claimed that membership is a public document and he was told to prove his case.

" He eventually failed because I have every particular as a member of LP and I officially resigned from PDP  and I was given a clear acknowledgement that they have accepted my letter of resignation though they were sad I resigned but once it came from my mind and they have accepted it. This is somebody who claims to be a lawyer, he is suppose to know that it It's a pre election issue," he stated.

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