Anambra market crisis: I was sacked for refusing to kill opposition leader - security commander...false, he aids, abets crimes - chairman

Anambra market crisis: I was sacked for refusing to kill opposition leader - security commander...false, he aids, abets crimes - chairman 

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

As crisis continues to rock Ochanja Central market, Onitsha, Anambra state, a former security commander in the market, Mr. Chinenye Udeze, disclosed to newsmen that the market chairman., Chief Bonaventure Muo, relieved him of his appointment because he refused to shoot dead the market opposition leader, Chief Nwabueze Umeh, (a.k.a. Ofia afuluego).

His words, " On two occasions when Chief Muo and Chief Umeh, who is called Ofia afuluego, had a heated argument, he (market chairman), asked me to shoot dead Chief Nwabueze Umeh, for challenging him and I refused.

"One of such occasions was at Oduigbo section of the market and I am ready to defend what I said any day and at anytime. I am an experienced security expert that can't just shoot because two people are having argument on certain issues.

"My sack is not yet over because I will take a legal action. I am only waiting for my sick brother to return. I didn't commit any offence to warrant my sack. He just did that because I don't take his order to kill innocent person," he further disclosed.

But in a swift reaction when contacted, Chief Muo described the allegation as false, unfounded and a figment of his own imagination adding that he would rather shoot dead the opposition leader by himself instead of asking the dismissed security commander to do the killing for him.

His words, "Our problem in the market is that the security commander aids and abets crimes in the market. He releases criminals after collecting money from them. I can't open my mouth and say shoot Ofia, it is not possible, for what, instead I use my hand and shoot him.

"The commander also allows the opposition to hold child birth day parties in the market and sometimes it lasts up to midnight, with some of them staying with their girl friends that odd hour.

"His other offence is that official time for close of market is 6pm but because he wants to be rich overnight, by 5.30pm he locked the market gates and started collecting fine from traders when it is not yet time to close the market and people were calling me on phone thinking I was the one that directed him to do so.

"He always stays with the opposition and there was a day the governor came to the market. That day he shot someone on the head and we knew how we managed the situation and what it took us financially. Since his sack his boss could not deploy him to another place because he is not capable and competent.

"As it is now my life is in danger and he should be held responsible for anything that happens to me because he still mingles with the opposition," he disclosed further.

Also on the allegation by ex-Taskforce chairman of the market, Chief Chimezie Offor, (a k.a. Igwe Man-U), that he (market chairman), collects #20,000 for lunch daily from taskforce and #5,000 out of #10,000 fine collected from traders who block the road with wares, he denied the allegation and urged Chief Chimezie to provide evidence of his claim.

"Offor was former taskforce chairman but now he is no more there but at the Electricity committee and not as a chairman but a member. He is substituted by Obinna Maduka as taskforce chairman. Offor stayed about two years as chairman and was removed about two months ego. The taskforce is the hen that lays the golden egg 

"Offor in anger joined the opposition because of his removal. The caretaker is a 21 member committee and we agreed that yearly we change the posts for others to also enjoy. His problem is that he is overzealous. If he accused me of collecting #20,000 from taskforce, let him show evidence of that. I don't know about that. He is fighting me because of his removal.

"On the allegation that I also collect #5,000 as fine from traders who block roads with wares, he said, "Sometimes I go on oversight and do the job of taskforce by my self and those who block the roads are fined, it is done everywhere, so mine is not exceptional, but we fine them meager amount," he disclosed.

"Chief Muo said he has been able to increase the revenue base, adding, "It was nothing to write home about before I came in, they generated about #20million but when I came in, that was in 2022, I generated #72million and in this 2023 we hope to generate #90million," he further hinted.

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