SEX SCANDAL: Synagogue Prophet Not Caught With Another Man's Wife - Says Church Elders, Rumormongers

SEX SCANDAL: Synagogue Prophet Not Caught With Another Man's Wife - Says Church Elders, Rumormongers

... Prophet Gifts Synagogue Youths Cash Rewards for keeping Chastity

By Chukwudi Ebele

Contrary to the recent unfounded rumors and publication awash the social media platforms that Founder/General Overseer True God's Synagogue (TGS) International, Odume Obosi, Idemili North LGA, Anambra State,Most Rev Prophet Timothy Okoye was allegedly caught red handed having carnal knowledge of one of his married church members within the synagogue premises, the major perpetrators of the sex scandal rumours have confessed that the distorted story was mere Fabrication.

It could be recalled that a social media publication dated 4th March,2024 has gone viral in the internet alleging that the Synagogue Prophet , Timothy Okoye was on the 3rd of March, 2024 seen on top of a married woman who is serving as a temple worker at the Synagogue.

However, the story took another turn last weekend during the TGS Odume Obosi Sabbath worship when three of the church members who spread the rumors confessed that they made mistake in misrepresenting the story and spreading false allegation apologizing to the Senior prophet to forgive them.

During the Sabbath worship session, in the presence of pressmen and lawyers, the Prophet in conjunction with the elders of the synagogue  announced that anyone who was part of spreading the unfounded gossip or who knows anything about it should speak up the truth or face the consequences.

Our reporter gathered that the chief culprit, Mrs Chizoba Chukwu Nakuaka, Mama Edwin and Chinedu Emma came out in the midst of the congregation on their own volition and after narrating their stories,it was discovered that the story had different versions and was not based on facts but misrepresentation of the actual thing that happened saying that someone told them that they saw the prophet committing adultery but what they said was that someone saw the prophet coming out of the married woman's room.

However, the Synagogue Council of Elders who were also embarrassed by the defamatory social media publications said they were not going to take it lightly but further investigate the matter until all the culprits involved were brought to book.

The Spokesman and Chairman Men's Committee, True God's Synagogue Odume Obosi, Brother Chibuzor Amobi attributed the actions of the rumormongers as persons being possessed by unclean spirits saying that the accused is a holy man of God known for his integrity and strict adherer to the laws of God.

"I have known our Prophet since 1998 and is not capable of doing what these gossips are peddling today. Spiritually, I can only say that they have been influenced by Satan to tell lies against the priest and tarnish the image of the Prophet who has been benevolent to each and everyone of them".

"They were told to prove and narrate how the prophet was seen committing adultery but they were busy telling different kinds of rubbish incoherent stories.

"Go all over the places of worship not every prelate, prophet, priest or pastor may be bold to call for a press conference and tell anyone to prove or speak up if he committed such an act. The Prophet is exposing this evil and the gossips to prove his innocence without fear.

"We the synagogue leadership shall get to the root of the matter and carry out necessary measures within the law to ensure that such defamation does not occur again.

"We also use this medium to plead with our prophet to forgive them and not put them where they belong which is behind bars but continue his good works which God called him to do on earth," said Amobi.

According to the Synagogue Prophet Okoye, I am surprised, flabbergasted to be accused wrongly of what I vehemently preach against. 

"They said that I was caught in the act of adultery on Sunday 3rd of March 2024 whereas I was bedridden within that period for over one week. The illness was so severe that for the first time in my life I had to be on drip in the cause of my treatment.

"The true story was that towards the end of December 2023 around 28th or 29th December 2023 about four of us Myself and three other male members of this synagogue came back from a mission work at Otuocha to this place.

"After awhile we started looking for one of us and I had to embark on a room to room search in the broad daylight. In the process someone saw me come out from the room assigned to the married woman who is on a special program in the synagogue.

"After about two and half months someone who heard about the search concocted a story claiming that I was seen on the 3rd of March 2024 committing adultery with the married woman on assignment right inside the synagogue premises.

"I was only searching for someone and other two persons who went for the mission work were around. This thing happened at the last days of December 2023 only for Chikaodili who is no longer part of this synagogue and Peace to cook up a story saying I was seen on the 3rd of March committing this abomination.

" This tells you that the duo and these their accomplices here present in the person of Chizoba Chukwu (Nakuaka) and Mama Edwin who called on phone to tell those no longer with the synagogue has intention of destroying the married woman's marriage and destroying my reputation and that of this synagogue.

"Today,if they can swear or take an oath with this Bible that they or anyone saw committing immorality with either the married woman or anyone I will give the person 1 million naira instantly, if not they should get ready for the wrath of God because I cannot take this anymore," said Prophet Okoye.

Highlights of the occasion was presentation of Cash gifts of 50,000 naira by Proper Timothy Okoye to two young girls

Simdi Chinenye and Chinenye Uche for remaining virgins till that day of worship advising younger ones to emulate them.

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