2 years In office: Soludo messiah to Anambrarians, his 2nd tenure assured – ASMATA PG

From L-R: Ekwe Marcurly, Secretary, ASMATA PG, and Jeremiah Eze, Pastor

2 years In office: Soludo messiah to Anambrarians, his 2nd tenure assured – ASMATA PG

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

The President General, PG, Anambra State Amalgamated Traders’ Association, ASMATA, Chief Humphrey Anuna, on Sunday, described Governor Charles Soludo as messiah to the people of the state based on his massive infrastructural development of the state in just two years.

Speaking in reaction to his two years in office which he marked on Sunday, he stated that the Governor is much interested in what he will do to the people to make them to be better than they were prior to his coming on board.

“We have to thank God for giving us a person like Soludo who vowed to improve on the living condition of the people.

He has put in place water tight security, did about 240 kms of road in two years, employed 8000 teachers, 1000 medical personnel, created employment opportunity for youths through one youth two skills initiative, gave free education up to post primary three, gave free medical treatment to pregnant mothers, among others.

“If not for the governor most people would have left this state because of insecurity. Where there is insecurity nothing thrives and that is why we traders endorsed him for second tenure and God has assigned it.

“All we are saying is that God will give the governor the strength to continue to do his good work for the betterment of the people. Look at Okpoko community today, a rejected slum had become a place for living.

“The issue of touting has become a thing of the past except for those who want to continue in their criminal act until they are caught and made to face the wrath of the law,” he stated.

Chief Anuna said further that the governor’s second tenure bid was undisputable going by his array of achievements.

“Governor Charles Soludo is a Messiah to our state, he is going round the state performing wonders, making judicious use of the state fund without borrowing. This is who was left without money when he assumed office.

“His aim to transform the state into a liveable and prosperous smart mega city, a place to live, invest, learn, work, relax and enjoy has made him and his team to have significantly created a positive impact on Ndi Anambra in just two years.

“He is an embodiment of God’s blessing and exceptionally dedicated administrator who is committed to the unity, stability and development of the state,” the Anuna stated.

The PG also commended him for his relentless effort in the restoration of lost glory of traders and urged him not to relent in his good work.

He assured him of the support and prayers of traders on him and his family so that God who brought him to us will forever be with him as he takes the state to the promised land.

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