Why we consulted deity over our missing IPOB son - family

Why we consulted deity over our missing IPOB son - family

Why we consulted deity over  our missing IPOB son - family

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

The Nzubechukwu family in Umuchu community, Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State, said they consulted a deity to find out the where-abouts of their son, Okafor Nathaniel Nzubechukwu, who was a chieftain of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, like his father, but later renounced his membership following killing of his father, Chief Nzubechukwu.

Okafor reportedly renounced his membership of IPOB, sequel  to alleged killing of his father by the Nigerian Federal Government Joint security operatives when they  stormed their Umuchu country home.

This disclosure was made known to newsmen in Onitsha, by a cousin to Nzubechukwu family, Mr. Oforma Jude, who added that consultation of the deity as last resort became  necessity as a search party organized and mobilized to discover his where-abouts failed in its efforts.

""The search party could not fish him out after two weeks of its inauguration and during a general meeting of the entire family members, it was resolved that the services of a deity would be employed as the last and best option aimed at knowing if he is dead or alive. 

" Arrangements have been concluded to consult a deity that can predict tomorrow, a very powerful deity and what ever it says is believed to be the truth. So everybody is happy that the deity, though not in Umuchu, has been presented with consultation requirements," he revealed. 

Jude disclosed earlier to newsmen that, “Okafor Nathaniel Nzubechukwu, is my cousin who grew up with me in Onitsha. We are all from Umuchu community in Aguata Local Government Area. He was a Chieftain of IPOB, I think he was 3rd in command of Aguata Region of IPOB before he ran away when the joint security forces of the Federal Government stormed their house to kill him.

"On 13 July, 2023, he ran away and has not been seen till today. It was when they stormed their house that his father was killed on the process and on hearing of the killing, the son renounced membership of IPOB," he further hinted.

According to Jude both father and son were in the IPOB struggle to actualise a sovereign state of Biafran and stop terrorists’ invasion of the South-East zone.

“The duo of father, and son, also participated in the Nkpor IPOB protest where Nigerian military killed scores of IPOB members on March 29th, 2016.

“In 2017 when IPOB was proscribed by Federal Government, both father and son were active members of IPOB till today that the father is no more alive and the son is nowhere to be found as he ran away because he is wanted to be killed by the security operatives for being a member of IPOB.

"IPOB is a group of freedom fighters because of the marginalization of the Igbo race by the Federal Government. So presently members of the group and their Eastern Security Network, ESN, are wanted to be killed. Even if Okafor Nathaniel Nzubechukwu, renounced his membership of IPOB on 13 July when he heard of killing of his father, he is still a wanted person to be killed," he affirmed.

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