Anambra Commissioner, lawmakers, laud APGA ward Congress

Anambra Commissioner, lawmakers, laud APGA ward Congress

Anambra Commissioner, lawmakers, laud APGA ward Congress

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

The ward Congress of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, held in the 21 Local Government Areas of Anambra State Wednesday, has been described as very successful by the Commissioner for Youths Development, Hon. Patrick Agha Mba, Hon. Edward Ibuzo and Hon. Beverly Nkemdiche Ikpeazu, representing Onitsha North 2 and Onitsha South 2 constituencies, respectively in the State House of Assembly.
According to the Commissioner, "It has been very successful, I want to thank Mr Governor for being an action Governor, talk and do governor, he made a promise to Ndi Anambra that he will account for everything, even if it is one naira, and this is the first time this kind of Congress in the history of Anambra state, happening, taking place, using  bottom up approach.

"Before it was the Special Advisers to the governor that will make all the list in the 21 Local Government Areas with the stakeholders but now the use of bottom up approach made people to take their decision,  to let them partake. Mr Governor has done that for the state, allowing due process, democracy, free and fair approach.

"I want to thank him for this immense initiative, seeing to ensure the implementation. This is the very first time the government is trying to fight, to ensure the effective policy at party Congress and also the badge the governor is using.

"The Onitsha North ward Congress went well, we are trying to use our experience and capacity to ensure that it was free and fair. It was successful, no hitches, so now, this is new APGA, where we decided that all the proceed we did in today's Congress is from bottom to head, not from head to bottom.  Now we gave it to all of them to go to their wards and do the election. Now we left them to go and decide whoever they deemed it fit to be their chairman, youth leaders, among others," he stated.

Contributing, Hon. Ibuzo said,"  APGA platform is Onye aghana nwanne ya, collective efforts, believing God and the diversion of APGA is there to Aso rock, it is not the thing of Anambra.

"I am the co-chairman of today's election and Mr. Patrick Agha Mba, the commissioner for youths, os the chairman. We have never moved an inch since morning, that shows the spirit to achieve what we wanted to achieve free and fair ward Congress. It was a successful Congress," he stated.

On the APGA National chairmanship crisis he said, "We don't have leadership tussle so far ,we only have people that are vying for the contest for the National chairman in that level but we don't have any problems at all.                                                             
"Edozie Njoku is not the chairman, he has been parading and making some mockery of himself, to the best of my knowledge, he is not the chairman, we have court order, court judgement, we have one chairman, Victor Oye, as of today and all this congresses, he had the knowledge of it, we have been following the guideline from his office not from Edozie Njokus office," he affirmed.

On her own contribution, Hon. Beverly Ikpeazu, said that, " It was so peaceful from ward one to ward 17 in Onitsha South 2 constituency. I am the co-chairman for Onitsha South as a whole. I am excited because it went very well. It was mostly consensus, we did not have factions.

"This the first time we are seeing transparency in ward Congress, it is more organised now than before. There were some rascals but people didn't pay attention to them.," She stated.

Hon. Ikpeazu who is the Chief Whip  in the House of Assembly, said that the party made sure people were secured during the Congress added that she has been a lawmaker for 12 years and in APGA for 14 years..

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