2023 presidency : Judiciary should expose INEC electoral biasness - former LP chairman

2023 presidency : Judiciary should expose INEC electoral biasness - former LP chairman

2023 presidency : Judiciary should expose INEC electoral biasness  -  former LP chairman

By Emeka Okeke, Awka

Irked by the electoral fraud committed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in the just concluded 2023 Presidential election, the former Anambra State chairman of Labour Party, LP, Chief Luke Ezeanokwasa, said weekend that the judiciary, through the court, should expose the alleged INEC electoral biasness  during the conduct of the Presidential election. 

This, according to Chief Ezeanokwasa, will restore the confidence that Nigerians repose on the judiciary that it remains the last hope of the common man as he insisted that the votes did not count during the Presidential election.

 Ezeanokwasa who was the LP chairman for about six years in the State before decamping to People's Democratic Party, PDP, where he is now a Stakeholder in Onitsha South Local Government Area, expressed optimism that justice must prevail now that the election Petition Tribunal is hearing the Presidential election Petitions.

"Whether you are PDP, APC, LP, among others, justice must prevail, all our judges should do the right thing so that Nigeria will be restored, we believe in a new Nigeria, new governance. If the judges do the right thing, the poor will get what they suppose to get, the rich will be okay.

"We have suffered enough, Nigeria has mineral resources, God's intervention has come, the youth suppose to rise and get their country back, people like us are in the age of going out, let the youth rise.

"As long as we have good governance, all these Boko Haram and whatever crime will stop.

"INEC did not do the right thing, they gave us promise that the server will work, the House of Representatives and Senate elections went through, why is it that it is only presidential election thar is having problem," he querried.

"The INEC chairman is a tribalistic human being, this is the time he  is suppose to do the right thing so that people will honour him.  He is a die hard human being, he doesn't want Nigeria to grow, to move forward.

"You can see a lot of protests and suits going on and I pray the judiciary of this country will listen to the masses they are there for. The masses have their hope on them, they should allow justice to prevail by swearing in the right person," he stated.

The former LP boss also expressed  surprise that INEC also sued parties condemning it for being bias  stating that it should be neutral.

"Why would INEC go and sue, they suppose to be neutral, they are showing they are biased,they are one sided, they shouldn't go to court for anything, they should allow the players to file their cases but now INEC is in court, they are there for one particular person which is not suppose to be.

"They are exposing themselves more and more, I pray the judges should behave like those who sucked breast of a woman  by being honest and just.

"There is no country you will go and will  not see Nigerian youths. They are more exposed,in Internets, they are out and I pray that they will use the power and position to get what they suppose to get.

"All the youths are now one, they no longer say you are from yoruba, Hausa etc, they are talking of obedients, they want new Nigeria, new change, we have suffered enough, they discovered Obi has what it takes," he further stated.

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