Interim Govt. APC, Tinubu jittery of Obi's court petition-LP member-elect

Interim Govt. APC, Tinubu jittery of Obi's court petition-LP member-elect

The member-elect, Okafor, displaying his certificate of return to his constituents during the occasion.

Interim Govt. APC, Tinubu jittery of Obi's court petition-LP member-elect

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

Facts emerged Tuesday, that All Progressive Congress, APC, and its Presidential candidate, now President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, instigated the call for interim Government on discovery that the Labour Party, LP Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has proof and evidences in his petition to the court, on how the presidential election was rigged in favour of Tinubu.

Making this disclosure while fielding questions from newsmen during a 'thank-you' reception he held for the LP faithful, electorate and friends in his house at Federal Housing Estate, '3-3,' Onitsha suburb, for electing him to Anambra State House of Assembly, the member-elect for Onitsha constituency 2, Pat Okafor, hinted  further that the allegation of interim Government was also aimed at distracting Obi, LP and Nigerians, especially the youths from demand for a change of old order.

 "Obi can't instigate for interim Government because if there will be interim Government it is still the APC Government that will be in power. So it is APC and Tinubu that are jittery that Obi has gone to court as they demanded because he has proof and evidences of how he, (Obi), won the election but was rigged out.

"Obi has asked the people to calm down. You don't arrest one without evidences. It is APC that is jittery of Obi's victory during the Presidential election. Even Atiku Abubakar knows that Obi won the election and that is why they left the person that they said won the second  position to accuse the third person, Obi, of instigating an interim Government," he hinted.

"Obi won that election, let us see what judiciary will do, it is going to be a public trial. Judiciary is going to be on public and world trial. That petition to court by Obi rattles Tinubu and APC because it has facts in it. The evidences are there for the  court to see," he affirmed.

On why he (Okafor) left People's Democratic Party, PDP for LP, he reiterated that it was a party of money bags where money is worshipped and not interest of majority of Nigerians.

"PDP plays the role of money bags and we decided to leave the party  and join our principal, Mr. Peter Obi, for LP. We are seven of us going to the State House of Assembly.

"PDP is dead in Anambra State going by what played out in the 2023 general election. When I was in PDP I won the election because I have a better antecedent, back ground and popularity but so many factors that included, litigation, intra party crises, among others  militated against my victory," he revealed further.

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