2023: Lawyer commends Obasanjo for being 'Obidient', asks others to emulate him

2023: Lawyer commends Obasanjo for being 'Obidient', asks others to emulate him

2023: Lawyer commends Obasanjo for being 'Obidient', asks others to emulate him

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

For being 'Obidient,' by speaking out that all should support Mr. Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, LP, as it is the turn of the Igbo to produce the next President, an Ogidi, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, based legal practitioner,  Barr. Pat Agbata, Thursday, commended former President Olusegun Obasanjo, for his position.

Agbata urged other Nigerian leaders not to keep mute but rather emulate Obasanjo by saying the truth adding that the wind of change brought by youths and other well meaning Nigerians for the better, is all over the country currently.

"Obasanjo was the former Head of State and he saw the need that this country should  be safe and the need to better the economy. There are other ex-Presidents who remain mute in their houses, they don't want to talk but I respect the old man who wants this country to be fixed. He wants to change the cabals messing up this country.

"He saw the need to improve on the socio-economic and political situation of this great country and opened up as a father who wants the progress of his children. Presently no work for the teeming yours, the old refuse to give way for their children.

"Even our children can not support Bola Tinubu by his age, when he has capable men around him . We reject Tinubu and other elders for not allowing the youths to be in leadership. I call on youths to vote out elders by voting for labour Party in the coming elections.

"I learnt so many countries have denied these people visa to their countries, that is what it should be, they want to remain in power until thy kingdom come but God will not allow them. I gave kudos to LP as a result of Peter Obi, anybody that rises against this man, it will be back to sender," he prayed.

"The structure we are talking about is individual, this is the time for Peter Obi to rise, there was nothing like LP before, but because we see Obi's anticident as former Governor of Anambra State, we followed him, the structures they talk about are those they built with money. We want a new Nigeria, can you believe that Peter Obi will win Tinubu in Lagos and Atiku in Abuja, including Aso rock. This is to tell you that God's hand is in Obi," he affirmed.

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