Feature: Abuja court on Anambra LG allocation sponsored by Opposition - ex NCP guber candidate

Feature: Abuja court on Anambra LG allocation sponsored by Opposition - ex NCP guber candidate

Feature: Abuja court on Anambra LG allocation sponsored by Opposition - ex NCP guber candidate

Comrade Peter Okala was a Governorship candidate of National  Conscience Party, in Anambra State, 2003 election and currently the Anambra State coordinator, Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders' Association, ASMATA, APGA Support Group, AASG. In this exclusive interview with Chinwe Nwacha, he explains why oppositions take issue of Anambra State Local Govt  Federal allocation to Abuja court, other issues. Except:


"You are welcome, my name is  sir, comrade Peter Okala, I was an ex gubernatorial  candidate of National Conscience Party, in Anambra 2003, and I am currently the State coordinator, ASMATA APGA  Support Group, AASG.


Well I have to be brief on it because I want to speak mostly on Abuja court that the opposition sued the state government on LG Federal allocation to stop the allocation that comes to the local govt because of their alleged claim of non conduct of LG election. Why did they go to Abuja to sue instead of Anambra that they are accusing, don't we have Federal court in Anambra State.

Well, like I said, let me brief you on AASG. It is a way of creating awareness on the numerous achievements of  Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, because not everyone knows the numerous achievements he has made in just two years in the state. So we now get to each market, inaugurate a team of traders with the market chairman as leader, to now get inside the market and spread the good news of these achievements by the governor. The achievements are there for all to see, it is not ear mark but eye mark, you see them with your korokoro eyes. The oppositions are jittery on these achievements because what they were not able to achieve in 18 years were achieved by Soludo in just two years and these achievements will speak for him come the 2025 governorship election in the state..


"Yes, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria of 1999 as amended no doubt resolved all the issues bordering on the Local Government Councils not only as its creation but also as the undeniable third tier of government otherwise known as the government at the grass roots. Relevant sections of the Constitution as amended only Envisaged Natural causes as the only Proviso that may have formed a Reason for delayed Conduct of the Said Local Government Council Elections in the entire Federation of Nigeria, it includes Epidemic of high proportion like Ebola, COVID 19, Earthquake, Landslide and War, but in Anambra State the alleged Sponsors of war and insecurities are the ones mounting Pressure on the government for a quick Conduct of the said Elections in Anambra State because if they have failed severally to clinch the governorship seat, atmosphere of Crisis May create an opportunity for them. The first Court order was against Mr Peter Obi which led to his convertion of the Care Taker Committees into elected Local Government officials within few months to the end of his second tenure in office.

The second Court order procured by Political Merchants and Hawks through surrogate from Abuja high Court to extort Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR who is the face of Anambra Renewed hope for the proper conduct of the local government elections in the grass roots. A careful study of the two Court orders revealed that the first Court order was sort, obtained and Sponsored by a man of Character and distinguished former governorship Candidate in Anambra State in 2003,Comrade Sir Peter Okala, whose primary purpose was for good governance to the grass roots where the people would hold their local government leadership into account,sort and obtained in Onitsha high Court Anambra State under hands of the Hon Justice J C Nwadi in Suit No 360/M/2007,. the order of Mandamus was graciously granted and substituted service effected on the defendants ,reason was that the applicant has interest in contesting the said local government elections in Anambra State but was prevented by the delayed Conduct of the said elections and seeking His Lordship's Consequential declaration for an immediate conduct of the said Elections.This Particular order of March 2008 was against Mr Peter Obi as Governor of Anambra State 

The second Court order was sort, obtained and sponsored by some political merchants and hawks after 16 years of the first Court order, in far away Abuja high Court using a surrogate in Abuja with variable reliefs and Parties thus asking the court to stop the monthly Local Government Council allocation to the government of Anambra State led by Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR pending the determination of substantive suit. 
The suit no FCT/HC/CV/2260/2024 asking the Honorable Court to restrain the listed defendants to stop the remittance of the said federal government allocations due for the 21 local governments in Anambra State and Mandating the listed  defendants to henceforth remit the due allocation for the 21 local governments in Anambra State in an interest bearing account of the registry of the Court of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, also an order directing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe the spending of Anambra State local government allocations from March 17th 2022, and such orders deemed fit by the Honorable Court in the Circumstances. Hon Justice Bello Kawu of the FCT  high Court in Abuja Division also granted their reliefs.


Another background study of the Court Division, parties, jurisdiction and reliefs revealed that the first Court order in Onitsha high Court Anambra State in suit no O/360m/2007, dated 18/3/2007, was a normal and lawful agitation for the Conduct of Local Government Council Elections to enable Government at the grass roots to function, but the second Court order sort and obtained from FCT  high Court in Abuja Division in suit no FCT/HC/CV/2260/2024, dated 22/5/2024 through a surrogate was sponsorshed by political merchants and hawks in Anambra State whose unquenchable desire to become the governor of Anambra State was behind the litigation.


"Yes, insecurity, natural disaster,  war, among others. Since assuming office in March 17th 2022 Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR administration  inherited a baggage of Insecurities resulting to the taken over of eight Local Government Council Areas out of the 21Local Government Council Areas by the bandits and kidnappers which accounted for about 40% of the total population of Anambra State, Anambra Road network were simply a nightmare, many access Roads were already cut off by Erosion and development indices were Completely absent owing to massive failure recorded by Successive regimes 

The insecurities which were partly sponsored by the political merchants and the oppositions as a way of creating crisis which would lead to their taking over the governorship seat to enable them unleash terror on the unsuspecting Ndi Anambra, but alas Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR came up with Solution mantra,took the bull by the horns, employed a Scientific and Strategic fight against insurgency, banditry and kidnapping by offering jobs to our unemployed youths and putting food on their table,giving one youth with two skills empowering them with grants, building infrastructures and changing the narratives within a time frame, using intelligence gathering and modern security implements, hiring thousands of workers to increase the state work force without discrimination. Soon the eight Local Government Council Areas hitherto Occupied and Controlled by Unknown Gun Men, Kidnappers and bandits were recovered and normal activities restored which made the Political Merchants and Oppositions jobless hence the Rush to FCT Abuja high Court using a surrogate to sort and obtain an order to stop the remittance of the allocations into the Anambra State coffers.

The true definition of democracy in the mind of these Merchants were merely to become the governor of Anambra State and use Same to build the financial empire of their desires and damm the Consequences, some have already became instrumental to the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the state with a negative Stereotype of fighting Insecurities while worsening and escalating Same.


These political merchants and hawks intitated litigation simply to starve the Anambra State of funds which they use to fight insurgency so that Crimes and Criminalities would overwhelm the state which could push the state government into submission there by bringing them to a negotiating table where a huge chunk of the Allocations would find it's way in their leaking pockets. It's also the mind of these Merchants and hawks that the litigation would continue till 2025 during which stage they would use the said funds as collateral to borrow huge amount of money from finance houses both locally and Internationally to offset Elections Campaigns with a negative Stereotype of winning the said elections to the detriment of Ndi Anambra State .In their negative imagination FCT Abuja high Court was within their reach inorder to abuse the proceedings of the Court and bring undue influence to the Honorable Court  which would delay the quick adjudication and dispensing of the said matter in the interest of justice, thereby delayed the speed of development in Anambra State.

The greatest in the figment of their imagination is that with the above litigation going on in the far away Abuja that they would suddenly became governor, became in charge of the said allocations and use the said funds to service their overdue high profile debts without considering the fate of Ndi Anambra. It's a concluded assertion that democratization of the third tier of government otherwise known as the government at the grass roots is the way to go, both morally, Spiritually and judicially attest to the facts that Government without the grass roots remains undemocratic.

Be that as it may,the government of Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR which emerged barely two years ago have been in war and having inherited nearly half of the state population overwhelmed and battling with insurgency, providing infrastructures, building capacity in human capital, raising the bars of leadership, creating awareness and leaving no one behind.
Recently, this Government had submitted an executive bills in state house of Assembly, Made several Executive orders regarding and setting the stage for the Conduct of the local government elections in the twenty one local government councils, transition Committees have been appointed to deliver on all the government highly resourceful Instruments of transition to the people at the grass roots, infact in the last sixteen years no Government had demonstrated sincerity of purpose towards the Conduct of the said local government elections More than the present administration.

It's therefore My humble submission that the attorney general of Anambra State should call on the FCT Abuja high Court to reverse the said restraining Exparte order and mandate issued against Anambra State Government, transfer of the said suit no FCT/HC/CV/2260/2024 to the Anambra State high Court for the interest justice.This is because the intention of the Sponsors of the said FCT Abuja high Court are evil, has nothing to do with equity, fairness and good conscience but purely to sabotage the war against insurgency in Anambra State and have more blood of Ndi Anambra splashed on the altar of selfish Political ambition.

Those whose definition of democracy were for them to become Governor in Anambra State should have a rethink as their ambition should not be exchanged with the blood of Ndi Anambra, that the real democratization is for the Three Hundred and Twenty Six ward councilors,Thirty members of the State House of Assembly, Twenty One Local Government Council Chairmen, Eleven Members of the Federal House of Representatives and Three Members of the Senate and this is what Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR administration is Committed to.

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