Defence headquarters confesses killing scores of innocent Igbo - IPOB

Defence headquarters confesses killing scores of innocent Igbo - IPOB

Defence headquarters confesses killing scores of innocent Igbo - IPOB

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha 

Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), disclosed  Monday, that Defence headquarters confessed killing scores of innocent Igbo it tagged IPOB Eastern Security Network, ESN members 

According to the IPOB image maker, Emma Powerful, the Defence Headquarters made this revelation in Abuja on June 27, 2024, during a media briefing, stating that the statement from Nigeria defence headquarters confirmed and vindicated IPOB's press releases previously, which accused Nigerian government and its security agencies of slaughtering innocent citizens of the South East Region without provocations 

"It is important we alert the public that the Nigerian Defence Headquarters Spokesperson, Edward Buba confessed that the Nigerian Army killed over 180 and arrested over 254 Igbos in Abia State between April to June of 2024 under the code name "operation UDO-KA" according to newspaper report.

"The casualty figure, as claimed by the Defense Headquarters, is much less than the actual number of people the Nigerian Army killed and abducted in Abia State over the period under review. This confession from the Defence Headquarters through Edward Buba confirmed the alarm that IPOB raised that the Nigerian military killed hundreds of Biafrans secretly and abducted many and sent them into secret locations in reprisal for the false flag operation the military masterminded that led to the killing of some Igbo soldiers on duty at the marked checkpoint in Aba during May 30th, Biafra Heroes Day.

" The Nigerian government and her murderous military were responsible for the murder of the Igbo soldiers while they turned around to blackmail IPOB without any investigation. After the false flag operations by the military, the military then went on a killing spree of innocent Biafrans in Abia State. Most of the killings and abductions happened in remote villages in the cover at night. 

"When they killed they evacuate the dead bodies to avoid being blamed. 
To set the record straight, the majority of the people killed or arrested by the Nigerian Army were innocent Biafran youths. Fortunately, no member of ESN vigilantee was among the people the Nigerian Army killed or arrested.

" However, few of the victims of the military killings and abductions were unarmed, non-violent IPOB members and innocent Igbo civilian members. IPOB leadership knows the number of IPOB members that the Nigerian military have abducted or killed. IPOB members are not violent and not terrorists as the Nigerian government claims. 

"The worst of it is that those they tagged IPOB members were not IPOB members at all but ordinary members of Biafra society. The Nigerian Army is a terrorist institution. The Nigerian Army are the ones recruiting the so-called repentant Boko Haram terrorists who were deployed to the South East Region to kill the people without mercy. 

"The murderous terrorists in the Nigerian Army have killed and abducted over 5,000 innocent Igbos from January 2023 to June 2024. The ethnic bigots and terrorists, the sympathetic Nigerian Military is less concerned with the numerous terrorists' killings and kidnappings in the Northern Nigerian regions but are obsessed in blackmailing IPOB for calling for the exit of Biafra nation from their terrorist breeding country.

" In many years of blackmailing IPOB, no IPOB member at home or in diaspora has ever been convicted of any crime, let alone that of  terrorism," the movement disclosed.

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