Anambra Anti Touting Squad : Tortured woman sends SOS to Soludo as condition worsens

Anambra Anti Touting Squad : Tortured woman sends SOS to Soludo as condition worsens

Her battered fractured right leg

Anambra Anti Touting Squad : Tortured  woman sends SOS to Soludo as condition worsens

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha 
Unless Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State, his wife,  and good spirited individuals immediately rush to the rescue of a poor woman with three children, Mrs Nkemakolam Nnamani, who was alleged tortured and disfigured by Special Anti  Touting Squad, her present worsening condition may lead to  her untimely death.

Recall that Mrs Nnamani, was brutalized, maltreated, assualted and humiliated for allegedly  pleading to the  killer squad to have mercy on an elder woman they subjected to all manners of assault  on the fateful day.

Consequently, one of the squad members, rushed to Mrs Nnamani who was inside an Asaba bound  commercial bus, at Upper Iweka, dragged her out of the bus and in company of other members, used pestles, clubs and machete on her and bundled her to their torture camp where she coughed out huge sum of money to regain her freedom but not with out more assaults.

She was taken to several orthopaedic hospitals and the squad visited her on a fip off that her condition was deteriorating  and it gave her #50,000 and had not visited again even as her condition worsens  due to lack of fund to continue her medical treatment.

In a swift reaction, the state chairman of Civil Libertiy Organization, CLO, Evangelist comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, said that the pathetic health condition of the woman was detoriating that if urgent and immediate step is not taking her leg may be amputated .

Flanked by his secretary, Chidi Mbah, he issued a press statement tagged, "Matter of urgent and immediate public interest and importance,'  decried the attitude of the government towards the plight and sufferings of the woman and her family because of her patriotism to call the agent of government to be civil, decorum and law abiding in discharge of their duties.

"The Government and public spirited individuals should come to her aid in other to save her life and family. The hapless woman has been crying and lamenting that they did that to her because nobody to speak on her behalf as poor mother of three.

'There is no one to intervene on my behalf, I appeal to Gov.Charles Soludo, Civil Society Organizations and public spirited individuals to assist me in this trying and pathetic period as my children are out of school and I am yet to pay for my house rent and feeding is very difficult for us because am crippled as a result of the torture," she cried to high heaven.

" I live at 87 Oraifite Street Awada Obosi and can be reached with this GSM 08165600885," she pleaded

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