30 May sit-at-home remains sacrosanct - IPOB warns

30 May sit-at-home remains sacrosanct - IPOB warns

30 May sit-at-home remains sacrosanct - IPOB warns 

By Phil Okose, Onitsha 

Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), warned  that this Thursday, 30th day of May, 2024 sit-at-home order in commemoration of Biafran heroes remains sacrosanct as it is to honour those that died fighting for Biafran course.

Sounding the note of warning through its image maker, Emma Powerful, IPOB reiterated that as long as it is concerned that it remains a very important state actor on the issues concerning Biafra. 

"The remembrance of all those who fought for Biafra freedom and sovereignty remains imperative, and no government or security agency has any authority to harass any innocent person during that event. We are urging all state governors in Biafra Land to ensure the safety of persons and properties on that day. 

"The Nigerian government must understand that they can not  slaughter our heroes and, at the same time, stop us from mourning or remembering them. Those who died in the defense of our land from the extermination agenda of Nigeria and British governments during the genocidal war of 1967- 1970 are worthy to be remembered and celebrated. 

"Annually , we must continue to celebrate our heroes and heroines. Moreso, the Nigeria government and her murderous security agencies must stop reminding us of the genocide they carried out against innocent Biafran children, women, and men. The Nigeria/British genocide against Biafrans will never be forgotten by generations of Biafrans yet unborn. 

"In this year's Biafran Heroes Rememberance Day, all social activities in Biafra Land are banned.  Markets,  schools, banks, government, and private businesses are not allowed to open. All transport services, air, sea and land transport are not allowed to operate. The entire Biafra land will be on lockdown from 6 am to 6 pm on May 30, 2024. Exceptions to these directives are institutions and individuals on critical special duties such as nurses, doctors, ambulance services, fire services, hospitals, medical workers, and journalists.

"However, we understand that some criminal elements will use the opportunity of the event to harass people. That is why IPOB is urging our people to sit-at-home on 30th May 2024 because the Nigeria government and the enemies of Biafra will attack them and claim they are IPOB and ESN We don't want anybody to die or lose property because of this event.

" IPOB declared only 30th May sit-at-home. Our people should use other days to gather what they will need on May 30 to avoid being victims to the violent Nigeria agents and after that day 30th May sit-at-home, you are free to move around and go anywhere you wish to go.
Those criminal elements that have decided to hijack the peaceful event to torment the citizens on 30th May will meet their waterloo. 

"All Biafran heroes and heroines must be remembered including Bruce Mayrock from USA who sacrificed his youthful age for Biafrans and we remember and honor him, General Phillip Efiong, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Air raid Achuzie, Dr Frank Opigo, General Umunnakwe, Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi, Major Chukwuma kaduna Nzeogwu, and many others who contributed immensely for us to live.

"Biafrans in the diaspora are advised to go and obtain permits to rally in their respective countries. We must tell the world the story about the Biafra genocidal war and the resilience of Biafran heroes. Our people must understand that Biafra is coming. We have crossed the rubicon, and nothing will make us change our mind or diminish our resolve towards this fight for Biafra liberation," the movement affirmed.

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