World Health Day: Idemili South Chairman calls for Improvement on Personal and Environmental Hygiene

World Health Day: Idemili South Chairman  calls for Improvement on Personal and Environmental Hygiene

By Uzo Ugwunze

The Transition Committee Chairman of Idemili South Local Government area of Anambra state, Hon  Mrs. Amaka Obi has encouraged Umu Idemili to improve on personal and environmental hygiene saying that most diseases, sicknesses and could be avoided if adequate attention was given to hygiene.

The year 2024 theme was chosen to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions, and freedom from discrimination.

According to Mrs. Amaka Obi,  healthy living  is important in everyone's life and every home. It begins with cleanliness, hand washing at critical times before cooking, eating, breastfeeding, after the use of toilet or coming back from outside.

"Keep your sorrounding clean by clearing the bushes, removing empty cans to avoid breeding of mosquitoes, covering of food to avoid flies infecting them and avoid open defecation and proper disposal of feces and refuse.

"A healthy lifestyle that involves moderate alcohol consumption, a healthy diet, regular physical activity, healthy sleep and frequent social connection, while avoiding smoking and too much sedentary behaviour, reduces the risk of depression," Mrs Obi said.

She adviced women  up to 50 years old to eat more of fruits and vegetables and go for regular checks in the hospital, noting that women’s risk of developing cardiac arrest, is low until about age 50, or the onset of menopause.

Mrs Obi further eulogized Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra state for investing heavily in the health sector which include equipping of Primary Health care centers and General hospitals, building of new hospitals, employment of healthcare workers, free antenatal and delivery and prompt payment of salary of health workers and others.

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