Hardship: A video of a school boy praying thunder to strike Nigerian Leaders is trending with diverse reactions

Hardship: A video of a school boy praying thunder to strike Nigerian Leaders is trending with diverse reactions

A Nigerian school Boy, Abdulkabir Abdulkadir has wished thunderstorm to strike on Nigerian Leaders or to embark on a journey that plane crash will crush them to death.

Abdulkadir, a pupil of Kashim Primary School in a debate competition narrated the reality of Nigeria’s economy and blamed the Government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for assuring Nigerians of immediate solutions to its many problems but turned into a mere daydream.

He said Tinubu has thrown the whole nation suffering with untold hardship over high prices of goods and services.

“Tinubu with all his charisma cannot handle this country the way we want presently. The scarcity of Naira and a high standard of living are what is obtainable now.

“The Lawmakers who are supposed to call Tinubu to order, particularly the Senate are busy bargaining for one hundred and sixty million flashy cars and housing allowances. Is this the kind of leaders we want voting mandatory for?” Abdulkadir Said

According to him, Nigerian leaders have turned out to be a bunch of thieves, gold diggers, and betrayals who have no conscience on the electorates.

“I beg you Baba God scatter them, destroy them. We all know today, that hungry and untimely death is the order of the day.” He said

The outspoken Young Nigerian during the debate competition worried that retirees who have been out on thirty-five years of mandatory service are being denied their pension and gratuity and teachers who are giving knowledge are being neglected.

“Oh thunder where are you? This is the time you are supposed to strike to eliminate all of them. Or join them in one airplane so that it will crash in the course of their journey.

The admirable debitor lamented that security agents are being used during elections to rig elections because of money and the power of incumbency.

He lamented that money is now messing up the country as corrupt and greedy politicians are using it to submerge justice in the Court of law against many others.

The video in many WhatsApp groups, Facebook influencer, YouTube channels and Tiktok are hailing reactions of hundreds of people on the boy they described the best debate Brain who deserves a national award.

Most of the reactions suggested that the lad has said the mind of Nigerians who are passing through hell instead of a country with leaders who suppose to be patriotic and zeal in rescuing the country from imminent collapse.

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