Erosion Control: Idemili South Chairman seals Burrow pits in Oba

Erosion Control: Idemili South Chairman seals Burrow pits in Oba 

By Uzo Ugwunze

The Idemili South Local Government Area (ISLGA) Chairman, Hon Mrs Amaka Obi(Iyom Ifeabata) has ordered the closure of the burrow pits at Oba community which are in danger of causing erosion disaster in the vicinity.

 Mrs Amaka Obi who paid unsheduled visit to the borrow pits at Oba in the company of the councilors, the President General Oba Patriotic Union (OPU), Engr. Uzor Ejiofor and the Oba Youth President, Ebuka Chibueze warned against illegal excavation of sand from any part of  Idemili South.

 She lamented that despite previous warnings and arrests made at such burrow pits to discontinue their illegal activities and as a measure towards safeguarding a secure environment, the people keep excavating sand from the erosion prone areas for personal gain.

Mrs Obi said that most of the environmental hazards and degradation suffered in the state were direct impact of excavation activities ongoing at borrow pits.

She ordered that such illegal soil excavation activities  in Oba and other parts of Idemili South be discontinued forthwith as the Commissioner for Works and infrastructures, Hon. Ifeanyi Okoma has issued a directive to seal all illegal borrow pits in Anambra State.

"Today, We come in peace to persuade you to stop this soil evacuation in this burrow pit that is why I came in the company of your town townsmen the ISLGA Deputy Chairman, Hon Smart Ebuka, Oba PG and Youth leader so that they will help us ask you to stop this excavation.

" You can see buildings around here yet it has  not occurred to you that these building are under threat. Over there at the expressway, State Government is still battling to contain the erosion that once collapsed one side of the Rojenny axis of Oba/Onitsha/Owerri road.

"Henceforth, anybody caught in the unwholesome act of illegal sand excavation from burrow pits will face dire consequences," said Mrs Obi.

According to Engr Uzor Ejiofor, the LG Chairman called the Youth Leader and I that they were coming to Oba to inspect this place and when we arrived here what we saw here was an eyesore.

"Please let everyone involved respect this sealing order from today. If you look around you can see the closeness of people's buildings to this place. My building may be among these houses and no one would like to lose one's house to manmade erosion," said Ejiofor.

Moreso, Ebuka Chibueze said that the continued excavation of soil from the burrow pit close to people's houses was very bad and dangerous  saying that resisting security agents could lead to casualties.

 "If these houses start falling,it is the same State Government we shall run to for intervention. I am warning the people in charge of excavating and selling this soil to leave so that no one will say I handed over my relative to Government for punishment," said Chibueze.

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