Anambra Govt installs caretaker committee on Nkpor New Spare Parks market

Anambra Govt installs caretaker committee on Nkpor New Spare Parks market

Anambra  Govt installs caretaker committee on Nkpor New Spare Parks market 

By Chikosolu Okafor, Onitsha

A 13 man caretaker committee led by Chief Stephen O. Oforle, has been inaugurated by Anambra state Government to pilot the affairs of Nkpor Auto Spare Parts market, Idemili North Local Government Area, after two successful tenures of Chief  Elysius Ozorkwere.

Inaugurating them, the Special Adviser to Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo on Trade and Markets, Hon. Evarist Uba, charged them to abide by their oath of office adding that Governor Soludo' has created enabling environment for smooth business activities in the State.

The Special Adviser who was ably represented by the President General of Anambra State Amalgamated Traders' Association, ASMATA, Chief Humphrey Anuna, advised the caretaker committee chairman, Chief Oforle, to always carry the interest of the traders at heart.

"There should be open door policy and togetherness in piloting the affairs of the market by the caretaker committee. You should embrace peace and see all traders as one for rapid development of the market.

"Don't be partial in settlement of crises but rather render justice to the innocent as partiality will lead you to market crises," he further charged the new executives.

In his response Chief Oforle said that Governor Soludo has done  well adding that those appointed are men of Sterling quality that will not disappoint the traders in the market.

 " The traders know who I am, I promise to carry everybody along, to be transparent, whatever they decide, their yes is my yes and their no, is my no," he stated.

On what he intends to do to the traders he said, "We have three pipe bone water, two major roads and the two major roads tare in poor state. I will start from there and in no distant time I will work on them.

"I expect the traders to always attend meetings whenever they are called because one tree cannot make a forest. My predecessor, Ozorkwere did according to his capacity, but there is an Igbo adage that the son will be bigger than the father, I will work better than him,

 I am assuring traders that as they troup out enmass to support me, I am going to reciprocate by making sure that anything that is meant for them from the government must get to them appropriately. You know that auto spare parts is one of the major markets that is in competition with 10-15 major markets in Anambra state,.

On how to work with the opposition he said, "One must have opposition, but let them criticise me positively so that they will tell me those things I am not doing well, I don't see them as oppositions. I am seeing them as my people not opposition.I am not in court with my predecessor but he is in court with landlords association.

Contributing, Amos Udeh, Secretary General, said that whom much is given, much is expected, adding, "Since it is the will of God that I will be one of the executives, I will do what is humanly possible to restore peace in the market, We need support and prayers from the traders because without their support, I don't think it will work out well, without opposition one cannot do well.

Chief Emma Obiagwu, Chairman Idemili, stated that, "My advice to them is to jettison those things that will bring division among them or in the market , not to be selfish, to work as a team and anytime a leader practices those things or refuses to do what they are  suppose to do in the market, there will not be peace".

Prince Chris Ojileka, one of the patrons of new auto spare parts,  said, "I am alive to witness what happened here today, the new chairman is a good person and youth too, God will help him because leadership is in his destiny because everybody has his/her destiny, God will help him to lead new parts very well. Since the inception of new parts, i have being the PRP for 20 years".

Speaking, Sir Godwin Oguejiofor, said "If you watch what happened here today, you will see that both traders and the customers are happy today, because when knowledgeable person is in leadership, eveything will be moving smoothly. What Gov. Soludo is doing in Anambra state is a welcome development.

"Since new parts emerged ,I have not been here for once, but today I am here standing, all seats were filled up, it means that everybody supports him and we pray that he will do it according to God's will," he prayed.

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