Anambra traders pour encomium on Soludo, aide as prayer session returns to market

Anambra traders pour encomium on Soludo, aide as prayer session returns to market

The market chairman addressing the traders and prayer group

By Calis Mbadugha, Onitsha

It was jubilation galore by traders at Nkpor Auto New Parts market, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, on Thursday morning during the prayer session of the market as they danced and gave thanks to God over return of the prayer session after about seven months of its exit due to sit-at-home exercise.

Paying glowing tribute to Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, his aide on Trade and Markets, Hon. Evarist Uba and President General, PG, of  Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association, ASMATA, Chief Humphrey Anuna, while announcing the return of the prayer session, the Chairman of the market, Chief Elysius Umeozorkwere, stated that Governor Soludo, through the ASMATA PG, announced the return..

"We were in a meeting at the ASMATA headquarters last week when the ASMATA PG, Chief Humphrey Anuna, announced it to us that the normal prayer session has come back. We are happy with the governor, he knows that prayer is the key and asked us to continue in our prayer session.

"We normally have our prayer session on Thursdays and State Government in a bid to ensure that markets open on Mondays, to help stop the Monday Sit-at-home order,  directed that market prayers be held on Mondays which eventually did not get 100 per cent turn up of traders over fear of uncertainty.

"As a result from June last year there was no prayer session in our market until today, (Thursday), thank God that our musical instruments parked since then are still sound. When I called the head of the prayer group, Evangelist Luke Obadiah, out of excitement he could  not believe it that Governor has announced that the prayer session continues.

"With God everything is possible, it can only take time, and. that is why we thank our able Governor Soludo for the peace he restored in all markets through his Special Adviser on Trade and Markets, Hon. Evarist Uba and ASMATA President General, Chief Humphrey Anuna.

In his homily during the prayer session , Evangelist Obadiah recalled that since June last year the market prayer group did not perform due to the sit-at-home order as traders out of fear of uncertainty did not turn up on Mondays, adding that with divine Intervention, the group has come back in full force 

"This 2024 will be a year of progress for all traders in this market. Enemies of progress Will not see us, evil people will not see us, it is a special year for better welfare of all traders in this market.

"God has made it to us by using the Governor to ask us to continue in our prayers which we use to ward  off evils in the market. It is only good things that will come our way starting  from this  year," he prayed.

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