Kanu's release will end Southeast insecurity not Simon Ekpa's rendition - CSO tells CDS

Kanu's release will end Southeast insecurity not Simon Ekpa's rendition - CSO tells CDS

Kanu's release will end Southeast insecurity not Simon Ekpa's rendition - CSO tells CDS

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

A Civil Society Organization, CSO,  Congress of Civil Society, Abia State chapter, Tuesday, in Onitsha, Anambra State, advised the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, General Christopher Gwabin Musa, to stop begging Finland Government to rendition Simon Ekpa but rather to fight for Kanu's immediate release as the only solution to restoration of peace that has eluded the people.  

In a press release titled, "Nigeria Violation of International Laws Hurting Them", signed and issued to newsmen by the group Abia State chapter chairman, comrade Damian Ogudike, he recalled that Musa led other Service Chiefs to appear before the House of Representatives to brief the lawmakers on the Nigeria security situation.

"While briefing the house, CDS General Musa specifically expressed worry on how Finland-based Biafran agitator, Simon Ekpa, has been fuelling the flames of insecurity across the southeastern region. He also said that Simon Ekpa remained a key issue that must be looked into by the Federal Government, adding that he has become a menace to the country.

"From his speech we noted he said, 'his unguarded actions have resulted in loss of several lives including security personnel, crippling socio-economic activities and destruction of private and public properties.

"May we inform you, CDS, that we warned Nigeria security agencies to stop sending their men to fight these unknowing gunmen and apply a peaceful approach to solve the problem. The former President Umaru Yar'dua fought MEND in Niger Delter with guns and machine guns and failed. At last, he introduced Amnesty to all the fighters.

" This policy and strategy brought the war to an end. Why not you change approach? From the survey we conducted, the only option Nigeria government has as state is to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Releasing Kanu will to large extent solve the CDS insecurity challenges. Bullets and guns can never kill ideaology," he affirmed.

"We heard CDS saying that Finland government should rendition Mazi Simon Ekpa. Such demand made by Nigeria CDS may not see the light of the day because Finish Government sees Nigeria as irresponsible state that does not respect international laws and their own laws. 

"May we remind CDS that it was on record that the United Nation (UN) committee Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, (WGAD), had on April 4, 2022, adopted a report which stated that Nigeria Government should release Kanu and the said report indicted both your country Nigeria and Kenya Governments for illegal arrest and extraordinary rendition, torture and continued detention of Kanu in the facility of Department of Security Services (DSS).

He reminded CDS that the report further gave Nigeria Government six months within which it would state its opinion on Kanu’s matter, and steps taken to comply with all the recommendations thereof.

It recalled that all Nigerian courts set Mazi Kanu free from all accusations and allegations yet the executive arm of government ignored and still holds Kanu, stating that with all these law violations no  nation will take Nigeria serious on  demand for Ekpa's rendition.

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