Oba Women Sponsor free medical Services to over 300 persons

Oba Women Sponsor free medical Services to over 300 persons

Inyom Oba PG, Adaife Chizoba Onwuka, Idemili South Chairman, Mrs Amaka Obi and some dignitaries during the general conference

Oba Women Sponsor free medical Services to over 300 persons

...to Complete Construction of Secondary School Building Blocks

By Uzo Ugwunze 

The Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) Women's Wing( Inyom Oba) has offered free medical services to many Oba people especially women as one of the activities for the 2-days Inyom Oba 2023 Home and Abroad General Conference.

The women also resolved to use the funds generated from the 2023 Women's Conference to Commence Construction of a two storey school building block for the Inyom Oba Government Approved Secondary School.

The free medical services which was an initiative of the President General Oba Women Patriotic Union,( OWPU)Adaife Ngozi Onwuka took place at the Civic center, Oba in Idemili South LGA, Anambra State.

"We decided to include the free medical checkup as one of the programs we have for this year's general conference because health is wealth. Even Her Excellency, Dr Nonye Soludo is very particular about the health, wellness and nutrition of Ndi Anambra. People come to check their vitals, Blood pressure, sugar levels,  and others. Drugs are prescribed for treatment. if there are serious cases the health workers cannot handle they refer the person to hospital," said Mrs Onwuka.

Inyom Oba PG, Adaife Chizoba Onwuka, Idemili South Chairman, Mrs Amaka Obi and some dignitaries during the general conference

Also, Adeze Social Club of Oba sponsored medical outreach for the women saying that they were willing take up the full treatment, feeding and medical bills of about 200persons should they discover any lumps in their breast. 

The International President of Adaeze Social club Oba, Adaeze Dr. Ngozi Nwosu ably represented by Dr. Amaka Onubuogu started with presenting a health seminar on breast cancer urging women to check their breast every morning while taking their bath for any sign of lumps because early discovery and treatment could prevent cutting off the breast or loss of life.

She lamented that many women have lost their lives because they started seeking for medical attention when the breast lump had already become cancerous. 

Several beneficiaries of the medical outreach were thankful to the new Inyom Oba executive and the Adeaze Social Club for the free medical services saying that many people in the rural area shy away from going to hospital due to  poverty and fear of exorbitant medical bills.

Presenting her address, the OWPU President,Mrs Onwuka commended the Head of the Inyom Oba Group of schools,Mrs Kate Ikedilo and the teachers for nurturing the students into graduating with flying colors. 

Mrs Onwuka further solicited the support of the women to fund the Two storey building blocks to accommodate students of the Secondary School which were growing numerically from year to year.She proposed that other things being equal before the next year's conference the building construction should have reached at the second floor decking level.

Moreover, women were advised to stop feeding their families with cooked food purchased from road side sellers saying that a lot of bucataria add certain spices and seasonings which may be cancerous to the human body system.

Earlier in her remarks, the Idemili South LGA Chairman, Hon Mrs Amaka Obi tasked women as home keepers to observe the kinds of friends their children keep, to know what kind of business they do to acquire quick wealth and to be gainfully employed themselves saying that gone were days when women idle about as housewives when they can engage in something meaningful to support their husbands in the upkeep of the family.

Inyom Uruokokwu and their Chairperson, Mrs Nwachukwu Ochinanwata

"Train up your child, Teach your children how to cook food to avoid them booking for soups from the hands of caterers when they get married. We have been seeing cases of incest so mothers should sit up to their responsibility," said Mrs Obi.

However, Inyom Uruokokwu Chairperson, Mrs Ifeyinwa Nwachukwu (Ochinanwata) thanked the OWPU  PG, Mrs Onwuka for her vision towards keeping the Oba women on the right track. 

"I want to appreciate  our husbands, Inyom Uruokokwu exco, Chairman Uruokokwu, Mr Ifediora Anyinofu (Erosion), my husband Mr. Osita Nwachukwu and many others who assisted in the production and funding of the Inyom Oba 2023 exquisite brochure," said Mrs Nwachukwu.

The women also prayed for a peaceful transition asking God to help Oba community choose a wise traditional ruler without bloodshed or rancour who will ensure unity, peace and progress in Oba.

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