I discovered my destiny as native Dr at 12 years - Mmili

I discovered my destiny as native Dr at 12 years - Mmili

By Ejiofor Okey, Awka

A popular native Doctor, Chukwuemeka Nwakalor Mmili, from Eziafor Igbariam community, Anambra East Local Government Area, Anambra State, disclosed weekend, that he discovered his destiny to be a traditional medical practitioner when he was 12 years old.

Fielding questions from newsmen during the 2023 newyam festival of the community, Native Dr Chukwuemeka stated that he was subjected to all manners of humiliation by spiritual forces as he refused to abide by the spiritual forces' call that he should drop all he was doing and turn to a native doctor.

Explaining further he said, "All the native doctors are important, but I fall within the water spirit, the one I do are teachings and water spirits.

If native doctor is by learning, I would not have become one. I have the opportunity to travel abroad but I couldn't because I was 12 years when I found out that being a native doctor is my destiny due to the kinds of dreams I do dreamt.

"My family is a devouted christian family, the thing disturbed me to the extend that if i start to narrate what I went through, my ordeal, it will be a whole lot of the day. So i was taken to different churches for deliverance.

"My faith then was that if I succumb to it, I will go to hell fire because the bible tells us that we will not have another god except Jesus Christ, it disturbed me to the extent it scattered my business badly, they (spirits), always told me that if I didn't worship them that I will be mad. All the churches I went to, the deliverances, vigils, fasting and prayers didn't deliver me from the water spirit.

It was then that I gave up, it was one Rev Fr at Tamac that I went to and told him my ordeal and how I used to see deity (Arusi), in my dreams, how I always found myself in shrines and he told me to go, that this is not the issue of deliverance or vigil, that my story is critical.

"I then I was in Lagos and left Lagos because I no longer have anything as of that time. They took away all i had, I came back home and became a native doctor, on April 21, 2017, that is where I am till today. It showed me that all the temptations I had was from them (spirits), because all I have been striving to get since I was born which I couldn't, I got them within six months. 

"I started worshipping them, they started blessing me, anybody I prophesied upon, go it will be well with you or go and call upon this or that spirit, it all manifest and people confessed of my prophesy.

"This showed me that they truly called me, they also started educating me in my dreams, they opened up hidden things to me, that was when I realised that not only igbos, even Africans were being cheated with christianity. I started research, asked the elders, they told me the history of the Igbo before the coming of Christianity.

"The missionaries (Christians), didn't come to save us but to take from us the gift of God from us, to turn us to slaves which they did for 400 years. It is the same people that turn us to slaves that brought us bible, our forefathers were turned into slaves. Only one book that they were allowed to read, the bible. if you were caught up with another book, your hands will be cut off because you must obey your master. That is why the Igbos were being bought like gold during the slave trade era. They were called oyigbo which according to history was onyeigbo, because our people don t understand English when the white men will be asking them, Ibu onye Igbo, (are you from Igbo).

"So with their intonations, it would sound like oyibo, the name oyibo came from the slave master, the boat they were being carried with was written Jesus Christ, so that their mind would relax, that was how they followed them. After teaching me this, they thought me about destiny, how one comes to the world, where the dead went to, not heaven, the festival we are doing today is all saints. When I was in catholic church, they do it, all saints, Valentine's day, this is the ceremony we do because our ancestors are our heroes, the white men didn't tell us the full story because they fought us for 30 years, your parents may not tell you this.

"The whitemen told us that our greatest enemy is satan,  you have not heard the history of Satan, he is our saviour, our protector, I can lecture anybody on this, he is in every community, he fought for us, during the time of the white men. Then white men labelled him evil, told us that he is one of the disciples in heaven who was sent off from heaven but it was not true, satan is a warrior, warlord, he fought for us when the whitemen came to kill us. 

"The whitemen did not first come, we were told that the missionaries first came, the first people that came fought us for 30 years, all the families in Igbo community have the head of the whitemen which we killed with the help of the satan. They later left for 15 years, the script which they called the scripture, if I bring my story, you brought yours, they said before you defeat Africa, take away their spirituality, our spirituality is our ancestors.

"We condemn our ancestors and call upon the dead whitemen to pray for you. Our own ancestors are there, they mean that it is only their people that will be obeyed, robbers come here and are welcomed as foreigners, but they saw us as terrorists,  they said that arusi (deity), has ear but doesn't hear, has mouth but doesn't  speak, the crucifix in Catholic churches, does it speak but it has mouth, the whitemen told us to surrender our arusi (deity), but they don't destroy them, they carried them  to their place,  they want yo be like us, because we are spiritually, morally powerful than them in everything. 

" It is after taking our people through slave trade that we helped them to construct cars, build houses, construct aeroplane, that is our brain boxes, it is the Africans brain that the aeroplane can fly, the computer wizard in the whole world is from Onitsha. We are all proud to answer English names during baptism but the whitemen don't answer our names, 

"What we are doing today is Iwa oji mmuo, Christians want to hide the name to name it Awa m ji so that they can pertake in it because they said that there are cultures which Christianity doesn't  forbid, our people (igbariam) call it Iwa oji mmuo not iwa ji, Aguleri calls it Agba mmuo, all the Igbo communities have what they call it.

"Now that we are in the period of newyam festival, dead, if you are very sick to the extent of dying, the person will never die until after these  three days of the festival, it is more spiritual than how we think. There are people who fought for Igbariam, and today Igbariam still exists, they are my saints, my heroes. Everybody should go back to his root, there are many things communities are known for, our people are forcing themselves to be in Jacobs lineage. We are the ancient people, this rain which is about to fall wil affect all of us, we started dyeing prematurely since we left our culture.

 "Youths don't die before, if a youth dies, he will not be buried, he will  be buried in the bush, children don't die, it is since we left our culture that we started giving birth with operation, we give birth like goats formerly, they delivered healthy, no stress, we should leave the whites with their cultures, they don't go to churches, we carry Christianity on our head more than the whitemen," stated.

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