Anambra: Community warns trouble makers as it celebrates new yam, prepares to elect monarch

L-R: PG, President of Ndichie during the new yam celebration

Anambra: Community warns trouble makers as it celebrates new yam, prepares to elect monarch

By Calis Mbadugha Onitsha

Irked by the alleged uncomplimentary remarks and elongation to himself the position of Acting Monarch of Ogbunike community, Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, by Chief Anene Osadebe Akaeze, the President General, PG, of the community, Chief Tochukwu Obiakor, President of Ndichie, Chief Nwafor Onyezie, and the Public Relations Officer, PRO, Chief Kenechukwu Ikeche, have warned Chief Akaeze to allow peace to reign.

Sounding the note of warning during the 2023 newyam festival of the community, the trio accused Akaeze of going to a radio station to counter the announcement made by the trio for the celebration of the newyam festival that was held last Friday as being post poned to a new date that would be announced later when he has no powers to do so.

They also accused Akaeze of trying to usurp the function of the elected executives of the community and the Ndichie, that constitutionally have the power to pilot the affairs of the community since their monarch, Igwe John Umeyiorah has joined his ancestors.

In the words of the President General, PG, Chief Obiakor, "The regent, Chief Nwafor Onyezie,.has said it all that Akaeze should stop Acting like the monarch. He should pipe down so that we bring peace to the community, nobody is perfect.

"If your brother offends you, you forgive him, we have told Akaeze to pipe down, nobody is fighting his office as palace secretary. I am making a clarion call because under our constitution we have a laid down constitution," he stated.

Also reacting on alleged Akaeze's unwelcome behavior, the President of Ndichie, Chief Onyezie said that, "We are trying to move our community forward and Akaeze is opposing it. Let him keep his wisdom aside and come together with us dor the development of the community.

"He should not be seeing himself as a regent when the PG and Ndichie are constitutionally empowered to pilot the affairs of the community pending when a new monarch would be elected. People should disregard his distraction for he has no power whatsoever to direct the affairs of the community," he stated.

Earlier, the PRO, Chief Ikeche, said that there was nothing like Acting monarch in Ogbunike and Igbo land at large pointing out that Akaeze would eventually regret his deeds.

"We, PG, President of Ndichie and myself made the announcement of our newyam celebration which Akaeze countered but it did not have any effect as we eventually  celebrated the newyam on the date we announced that was last Nkwo, Friday.

"We want to use this opportunity to advise the public to disregard any information Akaeze may have passed. Somebody somewhere, not even a regent, is claiming to be Acting monarch which the state government frowned at.

"The regent we have now are the PG and the President of Ndichie. Chief Nwafor Onyezie who broke the cola nut and declared the newyam festival celebration opened. What Akaeze is doing is distraction.

"He doesn't understand the tradition, the community should expect a new monarch. What we have is a pocket of opposition that will fall with time. The election of a new monarch is on the process.we amended the constitution we had in 1978. We commenced amendment in 2001 and the amendment has been concluded.and we have about three candidates that have indicated interest," he hinted.

In his contribution, Chukwuemeka Anumba, a representative of Life larger beer, who entertained the participants, expressed satisfaction that peace has returned to the community adding that Ogbunike has remained one indivisible entity despite the illegal activities of a pocket of disgruntled elements.

" Even twins born of the same mother misunderstand themselves eg, P-Square. There must be different opinions but at the end of the day, peace will prevail.

Also, a youth leader, Hon. Pascal Anumba, stated that, "As a  matter of fact, we don't have crisis in Ogbuike, we have one government, OPU led by Tochukwu Obiakor, they are the people organising this new yam festival in collaboration with Ndichie, Nze na Ozo, so anybody saying another thing contrary to what we are doing here is on his own.

"We have no division, we have one government in Ogbunike, so the youth recognises that, that's why we are here, if we didn't recognise them we shouldn't be here.

"I advise my fellow youths to be determined, consistence and focused, they should avoid vices like hard drugs because it brings retaliation to the government of the community. So I advise against that. We don't have the issue of land grabbing in Ogbuike," he further disclosed.

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