Sit-at-home: 7 markets sealed in Anambra

Sit-at-home: 7 markets sealed in Anambra

The ASMATA PG and his team on the monday market inspection exercise

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

No fewer than seven markets were  allegedly sealed in Anambra State, by Anambra State Markets  Amalgamated Traders Association, ASMATA, for allegedly not opening their markets and not participating in the sanitation exercise as ordered by the State Government.

The seven sealed markets out of 18 of them visited by the President General, PG, of ASMATA, Chief Humphrey Anuna, and his team included, Ogbo Afere, Plastic 1, plastic 2,  plywood dealers association, Ogbunike, Building Materials Ogbunike, Bicycle parts and Bakery materials.

Expressing dismay that the seven markets did not open their markets despite the urge by the State Government that all markets should open on Mondays to help restore the lost glory of the markets in the State, Chief Anuna, added that, "Some of the sealed markets only open the gates to their markets for formality sake but the executives were nowhere to be seen.

Bridge head traders on Monday prayer, after sanitation.

"Only the security men were who opened the markets were there, even the sanitation exercise was not carried out even if traders were not in the markets. We are more interested in the sanitation exercise after which the markets shops will be opened, the PG stated.

At the Bridge head market, the caretaker committee chairman, Hon Chinedu Ezekweike, pledged that by next week there would be a massive turn up of traders adding that traders were happy that the Monday sit-at-home has become a thing of the past 

"Bridge head Monday prayer and clean up was successful, market executives and line chairmen complied, as you can see," he told the PG.

The chairman described Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo as a workaholic governor and prayed God to continue to guide and protect him adding that the governor is doing very well in Anambra state.

The ASMATA PG and his team at Bridge head Monday prayer

Also Idahosa Stephen, caretaker committee member, bridgehead market, said the sanitation and prayer were very commendable.

" I wish other markets will do so, by the time we continue to do it, the Monday sit at home will end gradually," he disclosed.

In his market, the chairman of New Auto spare parts market, Nkpor, Chief Elysius Ozorkwere, thanked Mr Soludo for the wonderful idea of opening the markets and sanitation exercise.

"We all agreed that Anambra State must be neat and through ASMATA PG, we shifted sanitation and prayer to be every Monday and make sure every market participates.

"Since 7 a.m. we have been here doing sanitation and prayer after which we opened our shops  because we are losing millions every Monday because of the sit at home and no one is enjoying it. Since we have been here today there is no problem. Everywhere has been cool and calm and I hope it will continue to be like that and we are abiding by it.

We assure Governor of our promise and cooperation and when you assure that, you show it practical and that is what we are showing here practically.

Since ASMATA PG assumed his office he has been trying, it is not easy for the PG to move around markets every Monday and  that is why we, executives, also come out every Monday by 7 a.m", he affirmed.

 At Cosmetics and Provision market,  Mrs Onyinye Mbano, who came from Awka to make purchases of Pampers and baby food said, she did not see anyone  in the market.

Comrade Okey Atueyi, chairman, New Tyre market, stated that, "Our governor's directive is a welcome development because we, Igbo, are losing a lot of customers because of the sit-at-home," he stated

Chief Charle Ikeli, Amalgamated Tyre Dealers Association chairman said, " I thank governor of Anambra State for his effort, we have suffered enough for the past one year or there about, every Monday we can't do business, we are jeopardizing the future of our children.

" I will not forget to thank the ASMATA PG, for the past three months, he used to educate and advise us how to open our markets every Monday and my position as the chairman, every meeting and prayer I advised them the need to open their shops," he said.

Mr. Sunday Okonkwo, chairman, Mgbuka Nkpor, stated that presently, "we do not see other traders, they are the people sabotaging the government. We printed a big banner to show people that we are opening every Monday and to show that any order  given by our governor is number one order in Anambra State," he stated.

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