Ocha Brigade Embarks On Operation Keep Anambra Clean

Ocha Brigade Embarks On Operation Keep Anambra Clean

Ocha Brigade Embarks On Operation Keep Anambra Clean

By Polycarp Ifeanyi, Onitsha

The Managing Director of Ocha Brigade in Anambra State, Comrade Celestine Anere has disclosed that the Agency would commerce monitoring, enforcing laws and implementation of operation keep Anambra State Clean on Tuesday this week.

Recalled that Ocha Brigade is the state sanitation enforcement outfit responsible for monitoring and enforcing the State sanitation laws.

In a statement made available to newsmen which signed by its Media and Publicity, Agbafune Anthony. O, Comrade Anere seriously warned the members of the public to adopt additional change.

He also said that it is now a revenue crime for tricycle operators, shuttle buse drivers, and all commercial vehicle drivers to ply in the state without a waste bin bucket, adding that all tipper drivers carrying sand, refuse disposing truck drivers, gravel conveying truck drivers plying in Anambra State must cover their truck with tarpaulin as failure to comply will be arrested.

He further stated that all residential buildings, offices, corporate establishments, hotels, kiosks, shops, and Markets must have two waste bin buckets for both plastic and refuse while disposing of the wastebin  must be bagged for easy evacuation.

The Ocha brigade boss made it clear that disposing wastebin buckets are not customized, stressing that either you buy the wastebin bucket from an open Market or buy from Anambra State Wastes Management Agency (ASWAMA) provided that every commercial motorists must procure and must use the wastebin buckets in Anambra State.

" For the implementation of the state laws on environment, a special monitoring team has been set up to shoulder with the responsibility of going round of all the premises in the state, aimed at discovering defaulters and sanctioning them accordingly.

I wish to use this medium to inform the members of the public that a monitoring device has been installed in Anambra State, aimed at monitoring all nooks and crannies as well as anyone caught throwing out any waste from a moving vehicle will be arrested and charged.

Again, it is now a revenue crime to throw anything out from a moving vehicle in Anambra State as anyone who  defaulte  will be arrested and be made to face the sanitation law of the State" Said Anere.

He continued saying, " My men have also been directed to visit every premises daily and book any defaulters found. We have noted in the past that some people have formed a habits of defecating inside the drainages, particularly at Upper Iweka , Onitsha and I am sounding a note of warning that anyone caught in the act of polluting the state in any manner must be compelled to serve the state in the correctional center.

I am urging Ndi-Anambra to help in keeping Anambra State clean as it is our collective duty to compliment to the good work of our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo who is determined to keep the State safe from the epidemic"  Anere concluded. 

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