Ibeayifa Calls for withdrawal of all Oba leadership Petitions, Election of Town Union Exco

Ibeayifa Calls for withdrawal of all Oba leadership Petitions, Election of Town Union Exco

Ibeayifa Calls for withdrawal of all Oba leadership Petitions, Election of Town Union Exco 

...as Community opt for Internal Leadership Crises resolution

By Chukwudum Ebele

Ibeyifa Association, a prestigious group formed with the sole purpose of promoting peace and development in Oba community, Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State has appealed for the withdrawal of pending matters, petitions relating to Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) leadership crisis and Igwe Selection Process in courts or at security agencies to pave way for amicable resolutions of issues sorrounding the Town Union leadership and Selection cum Election of Eze Okpoko II. 

Ibeayifa also advised the Chairman of the OPU Board of Trustees and the Chairman Interim Town Union Government  to convoke a general meeting of the OPU to elect a new Executive in line with the Oba Constitution to take charge of the affairs of the Union and expedite the process of producing who ascends the throne of EzeOkpoko Oba.

The association made the request via a communique titled - 'Path to a lasting Peace in Oba' and signed by Chairman Ibeayifa Association Board of Trustees, Nduagbo Nnoli and Chairman Ibeayifa Association, Darlington Mgbojikwe which was made available to the press recently.

According to the Communique, "Our hearts are heavy as we write because our dear town is presently at crossroads and searching for a way forward. After due consultation and a review of the recent events in Oba, Ibeayifa concluded that the current impasse in Oba is rooted in the inconclusive first phase of the Igwe selection process. 

"We subsequently identified the immediate causes of the present impasse as follows: Firstly, the inability of the erstwhile OPU Executive to conduct the election of a new Executive. Secondly, the appointment of an Interim Town Union Government (ITUG) by the Hon. Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, Anambra State. Thirdly, the abrupt handover of the affairs of the Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) to its Board of Trustees. Fourthly, the pendency of matters or petitions filed by aggrieved individuals and parties in courts or security agencies".

"After due perusal of the Constitution of Oba Patriotic Union and the Constitution of Igwe and Eze Okpoko Oba as well as taking cognizance of all other issues involved, Ibeayifa is of the firm view that all processes and procedures relating to the OPU leadership, and the selection of the Igwe-Elect must be in accordance with the applicable Constitution".

"Consequently, we hereby proffer the following advice for the resolution of the present impasse and as a path to lasting peace in Oba: Firstly, the Chairman of OPU Board of Trustees together with the Chairman of ITUG should convoke a general meeting of the OPU to elect a new Executive in line with the Constitution of OPU to take charge of the affairs of the Union".

"Secondly, the ITUG should dissolve after the election of a new OPU Executive, and all its powers and activities subsumed in the elected Executive.

"Thirdly, in line with the Constitution of Igwe and Eze Okpoko Oba, the new OPU Executive should continue with the first cycle of the Igwe selection process from where the erstwhile Executive stopped. If the first cycle fails to produce an Igwe-Elect, the Executive should proceed with the second and subsequent cycles until an Igwe-Elect emerges as provided in the Constitution".

"Fourthly, the present role and functions of the Regent of Oba should persist in line with the Constitution of Igwe and Eze Okpoko Oba but shall determine upon the installation of a new Igwe".

"Fifthly, All matters or petitions relating to OPU leadership and Igwe selection  pending in courts or with security agencies should be withdrawn to pave way for an amicable resolution of the issues involved".

"Ibeayifa appeals to all affected individuals and parties to eschew rancour and bitterness and to embrace the spirit of brotherhood so as to enable us restore love and peace in our community". 

"No one, not the Courts and not the Government can resolve this present impasse better or quicker than we the indigenes of Oba, so let us please yield our various contending grounds for the bigger interest of Oba".

"Ibeayifa and indeed all indigenes are counting on Ichie Noel Ezenwa, Regent of Oba; Ichie Boniface M. Onyeka, Chairman of OPU BOT and Sir Osita Ubadi, Chairman of ITUG to please bury the hatchet and consider and implement the above suggested advice aimed at restoring lasting peace in Oba. K’Oba di mma! And may God heal all wounded hearts and grant us his peace in Oba," it stated.

However, in a related communique reportedly circulating the social media tagged 'Peace Has Been Restored in The Oba Community of Anambra State' has claimed that normalcy has been restored in the community ridden with both town union and Youth leadership crises.

The Communique states: "Finally, the protracted communal conflict bothering on leadership issues which used to diminish peaceful coexistence among the stakeholders and the people of Oba Community in Idemili South LGA of Anambra has been resolved by the state government through the office of Mr commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs".

"Addressing the stakeholders and parties to the various issues that rocked the community, the commissioner, Hon. Toncollins Nwabunwanne, told them that the state governor Prof. Charles Soludo is resolute in his determination to settle any kind of conflict in any community in the state and that the state under the current administration has resolved numerous matters since its inception. He further calls the parties and representatives to narrate their sides of the matter".

"After prolonged presentations, arguments, suggestions and deliberation on the matters, the parties agreed to withdraw their numerous cases and petitions in various courts and police stations. They equally agreed that the interim government should be made inclusive so that all the quarters in the communities would be represented and that the interim government should be accorded all the recognition and respect it needs to function effectively for the good of the community. Also, it should collaborate with members of the board of trustees of the community to achieve positive results".

"Having woven the parties together, Mr Tonycollins who thanked the meeting for giving peace a chance in the community, suggested that the  Igweship election which was raised during the meeting should be left for the electoral committee which was already set by the community. On that, he advised that the committee should revisit what they have done before earlier on the matter to know if their resolutions were in alignment with the constitution of the community," it stated.

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