DFB Gives Simon Ekpa 7 Days to Withdraw Sit-at-home Enforcers, Declares New Biafra

DFB Gives Simon Ekpa 7 Days to Withdraw Sit-at-home Enforcers, Declares New Biafra

King, Prophet, Dr. Robinson Ike, leader Dominant Force For Biafra a.k.a Jesus Field Marshall

 DFB Gives Simon Ekpa 7 Days to Withdraw Sit-at-home Enforcers, Declares New Biafra

By Chukwudum Ebele

A new self determination group agitating for the South Eastern Nigeria to become a sovereign state, Dominant Force for Biafra (DFB) under the leadership of Jesus Field Marshall, King, Prophet, Dr. Robinson Ike has given a 7 days ultimatum to the self acclaimed disciple of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Simon Ekpa to withdraw all Sit-at-home enforcers from the South Eastern States of Nigeria or face the consequences.

The pro- biafra agitator who lamented the untold hardship, deprivation and frustration the Igbos living in the South East were undergoing being coerced to abandon their means of livelihood in the name of Sit-at-home gave the ultimatum as he was declaring the birth of a New Biafra yesterday via his Facebook handle.

"This lockdown is now a big embarrassment. I do not like what is happening. They declare lockdown Sometimes 3 days, 4days or 5days. Nigerians, Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas are not feeling the pains but we in the South East.'

"Sometimes you hear of shootings, stray bullets from either the militants or Nigeria soldiers will kill our people. Even if this enforcers kill Nigeria soldiers,they regroup and come back to arrest, main and detain Igbo civilians. We don't know the whereabouts of many innocent Igbos arrested because by time the soldiers come back, the enforcers had escaped," he lamented.

"We say no this! Nnamdi Kanu, Simon Ekpa in the name of Jesus Christ, 7 days from today 10th July,2023 withdraw the sit-at-home order and put this boys down with their guns. Else, After these 7 days ultimatum they will be flushed out of Nigeria,"

"The IPOB or whosoever that is supporting sit-at-home is restricting our people from going about their genuine normal businesses. Let all Igbos come out and join me who is capable to manage Biafra affairs both spiritually and physically," Ike stated.

Robinson Ike who claimed he was divinely anointed both by the Late Biafran General, Odumegwu Ojukwu and by heaven to be the king of Igbos urged the whole Nigerians and Igbos to allow him as a Spiritualist and Field Marshall lead the New Biafra republic and liberate the Igbos saying that the temporary New Biafra capital will be at Onitsha.

According to Robinson Ike, "I am announcing today the Federal Republic of Biafra. Onitsha will be the temporary administrative headquarters of New Biafra nation. Prio to this time, I told everyone in Nigeria and outside Nigeria that today being 10th July, 2023, I will announce the Federal Republic of Biafra and that is exactly what I am doing".

"Biafra as a nation of her own is born again today! Biafra as a nation is born to live and stay today! My message to Nigeria as a whole is to allow Biafra in my hand to start because there is no going back, no failure. This is the appointed time for Igbos and nobody can be able to stop us because greater are they with us than those against us," said Robinson Ike.

"It is not something I initiated by myself. It is ordained by God and I have told Nigerians, the Biafra agitators - Nobody loves Nnamdi Kanu more than me but he has tried. Nnamdi Kanu and Simon Ekpa should allow me to take over the leadership of Biafra as a Field Marshall. I want Igbos and South East to be free and free indeed", said Robinson Ike.

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