Soludo's enemies use social media to attack him - Nzukora OAU

Soludo's enemies use social media to attack him - Nzukora OAU

Soludo's enemies use social media to attack him - Nzukora OAU

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

The Leadership of the Nzukora Old Aguata Union (OAU), Anambra State, that comprises of 45 communities in Anambra South Senatorial zone, Wednesday, disclosed that enemies to both Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo and Anambra State Government, now resort to use of social media as a last resort to undermine the good work of the governor in the State.

According to chairman of the body, comrade Peter Okala, the body wants to bring to the knowledge of the people in the State the newly orchestrated conspiracy to politicize and undermine security of lives and properties of Ndi Anambra and frustrate the governor's plea for think -home philosophy which has greater advantage than investing outside the State.

"You are to observe that since Mr Governor's call on our people in diaspora to move their investments down to Anambra State, many hired Social Media influencers have been making negative publications in the internet asking our people to ignore Mr Governor's patriotic call.

"These hired Social Media attackers usually take pictures of damaged portions of some roads, highlight pockets of past unfortunate criminal incidents and brandish them on the Social Media inorder to create fear on our people and discourage the SOLUTION government.

"We, Nzukora OAU,after a careful study of these nefarious activities wish to call the Spade By its name in calling on those desperate to become Governor in Anambra State to look for jobs elsewhere. The easiest way to become a leader is first to be a good follower and not by selfish criticism or politicizing security of lives and properties of those they struggle to govern.

"Regrettably, most of the ugly events canvased by these enemies of the State are past incidents and damaged portions of the roads inherited by the present SOLUTION government, ignoring all the life changing Infrastructures and selfless contributions of Mr Governor and his ebullient team.

"They failed to appreciate the Wisdom of Mr Governor and his team in touching many areas where no government in the history of Anambra State has touched  Successive administrations have been sharing government revenue toc cronies by institutionalizing poverty and corruption, making some individuals richer than the government, for example the largest amount generated through the traders stallage fees by previous administrations were about #300 million but as we speak without increase in the stallage fees the Solution Government has generated for Ndi Anambra a whooping sum of #2billion at same rate and time," he hinted..

Okala went further to State  that the hereen field Scheme of Mr Governor has distributed millions of Palm and Coconut Seedlings to Ndi Anambra, an annual program of the government that would be on at every planting season which is one of the greatest hidden sources of wealth and health for Ndi Anambra. 

According to him the above high breed Seedlings alone were the very secret of economic development of Malaysia which has a far reaching effect on economy, health and environment. 

"We observe with delight that Mr Governor and his team have lifted made-in-Anambra products by showcasing them to the world in making vehicles, footwears, clothing and other native foods as official instrument of operation for all the government functionaries.
Feats which no other past administration were able to achieve, Instead of reducing the work force as in the tradition of successive administrations, Mr Governor added nearly 10000 workers and salary earners, hundreds of thousands of youths now enjoy one Youth-Two - Skills initiative training program which has become one of the major tools towards fighting crime and criminalities," he disclosed.

Okala advised those desperate to become  governor to have a rethink as no political ambition is worth the blood of any individual stating that they should be fair enough in their assessment of Mr Governor and allow people to invest homeward as there is no place of perfect security and infrastructure in whole world.

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