International Brewery PLC Donates Waste Bin To Anambra Market

International Brewery PLC Donates Waste Bin To Anambra Market

International Brewery PLC Donates Waste Bin To Anambra Market

By Polycarp Ifeanyi, Onitsha

In order to commemorate  World Environments Day, the International Brewery PLC, the producer of Hero larger beer has visited Ogbaru Main Market, popularly known as Ogbaru Relief Market, near Onitsha, Anambra State and donated 3 plastic Waste bin.

Presenting the waste bin, the cooperate Affairs manager of the company,  Mr. Damian Igwe  disclosed that the mission of the company in the Market was to commemorate World Environments Day with the traders in the Market.

He described Ogbaru Relief Market as one of the biggest beverage Market in Anambra State and also a Market where they have majority of their customers, explaining that World Environments Day was set aside by the United Nations to enable people evaluate how they live in the environment.

" The theme of this year's World Environments Day is " Beat Plastic Pollution". So, with the spirit of the event's celebration, we comes to celebrate it with the traders in the Market because  majority of our customers are in this Market and you can see the waste bin we donated to them.

The waste bin is only for disposal of waste plastic bottles. It is not meant for disposal of other refuse materials. Ones a while, we will come to check the level of compliance . It is important project for us and part of our cooperate social responsibilities because our factory is located in Ogbaru Local Government"; Said Igwe. 

Mr. Igwe further noted that they choose to visit Ogbaru Relief Market this year, recalling that they have gone to other Markets in the previous years. 

He used the opportunity to eulogize their esteemed customers in the Market and urged them to continue their patronage as well as ensure that they dispose plastic bottles properly into the waste bin they provided to the Market.

Appreciating his guests, the President general of Ogbaru Relief Market, Chief Ndubuisi Ochiogu said he was impressed with the gesture of the company to donate waste plastic bin to the Market.

" We are grateful to them because the waste bin is only for the plastic bottles disposal so that people who will make use of it could collect it easily. We normally evacuate wastes thrice a month and we have motor truck that carries it. So, we are pleading the International Brewery PLC to assist us with tangible things because they had been promising us. We wants them to assist us with tangible things this time around" 

Chief Ochiogu affirmed that the company has majority of their customers in Ogbaru Relief Market, adding that the Market is one of the biggest Market in Africa that deals on provision, anything Canny products and beverages.

He reiterated that the Hero company should as a matter of fact reciprocate to the traders and at least procure security vehicle and solar lights for the Market, contending that security of their products in the Market and other traders wares is Paramount. 

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