Flooding: With Soludo Anambra is on verge of exit from flood prone States - Nzukora

Flooding: With Soludo Anambra is on verge of exit from flood prone States -  Nzukora

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

With the current clean up and desilting of drainages exercise to recover the environment by Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, of Anambra State, the State is now at the verge of exit from the rampaging perennial flood that usually leaves in its trail, artificial lakes, buildings, among others that are submerged by the flood.

This assertion was made weekend, by the leadership of Anambra State chapter of Nzukora Old Aguata Union, (OAU, while commending the governor and his team for a work well done in the fight against perennial flooding in the State.

Speaking through the union coordinator, Com. Peter Okala and secretary, Chief Mike Okafor, it said that the governor's 15 months in office deliberately demonstrated a high level of passion and selflessness in taking the State out of the woods.

The union made the disclosure during a stock taking session organized to access the performance, quantity and quality of the 15 months administration of the governor, stating that generally, one may be tempted to agree with the school of thought that the State has not been properly governed since the inception of our current democratic dispensation of 1999.

"When you see a government that recruits workers in all areas of its work force while others of its contemporary were sacking these workers and owing salaries to others, that means that a new order was in place and the possible solution is here.

"When you see that the quality standard of projects are different from what obtains in today's window dressing and wait and take arrangements, know you that the permanent solution is here .

"When there is an uncommon respite, sigh of relief and the exit of Anambra State from the flood disaster prone States on the account of the concrete drainage and stone based massive road construction across the entire Anambra State, know you that the good era of the late Michael Okpara is back to stay.

"When you observe that many gutters, recreational centers and welfare infrastructures built by those heroes for our benefits are being recovered and reinstalled not only for our benefits but that of the generation to come, know you that the government is selfless.

"When you observe that the government is in the business of projecting our Local products by making use of vehicles, footwears, clothing and other native foods as official instrument of operation for all government functionaries, know you that the good old days are here.

"When you observe that the governor went out of his way to carry out very sensitive designated visits to sort out the very root cause of insecurity not only in Anambra State but in the entire South East, despite the ethnic and religious interpretations , know you that such government is not taking the lives and properties of Ndi Anambra for granted.

"When you observe that many street drainages that have not been opened up in the last 40 years are being opened with dispatch for easy flow of flood water and bank of the Rivers desilted and prepared ahead of time, know you that the uncommon respite and sigh of relief is real," the union stated 

The union went further to add that  Nzukora OAU  is proud that Mr governor has not thrown away his professorship in carrying out the duties he applied for, but has honored Ndi Anambra State with diligence in service.

Consequently, it urged the people in the State to support the government in every way possible including prompt payment of taxes and levies for the solution government to do more.

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