Market Leader Begs FEMA , State Govt. To Fix Collapsed Sakamori

Market Leader Begs FEMA , State Govt. To Fix Collapsed Sakamori

Market Leader Begs FEMA , State Govt. To Fix Collapsed Sakamori

By Polycarp ifeanyi, Onitsha

Disturbed by the badly damaged portion of Sakamori which crossed behind Ogbaru Main Market near Onitsha, Anambra State, the President general of the Market Mr. Ndubuisi Ochiogu has appealed to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State Government to assist them and fix the failed portion of the Sakamori.

Recalled that Anambra State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) has issued several warning ahead of this year's high rainfall, and flood, warning everybody to be precaution  and ready for the upcoming rain season.

Conducting newsmen round the failed portion of the Sakamori, Mr. Ochiogu explained that traders in the Market are nursing serious threat which he said  the damaged Sakamori pose against the Market.

He said that the Sakamori links all flooding coming from Nkpor, Ezeiweka Awada, Owerri Road and crossed behind the Market's fence down to River Niger, pointing out that flood has already pulled down the fence of the Market threatening to penetrate inside Market.  

"As you can see, the whole of the Sakamori slab has damaged leaving ordinary soil  which has already washed away the fence. We have been trying our possible best to control it but it is beyond our capacity. It is so deep and wide that requires  huge capital to tackle that is why we are calling on FEMA and State Government to assist us.

We are afraid because if something urgently  is not done, flood will sack and destroy this Market in this rain season. As we heard, there will be high rainfall and flood this year.

Mr. Ochiogu expressed worries why the Sakamori should damaged so soon, stating that not quite few months ago the same failed portion was repaired by former Market administration. He said that he has written to FEMA and State Government but uptill the moment, they have not gotten any reply.

" If it is not poor work done on this portion of Sakamori by the people who claimed that they repaired it, this nonsense would not have surfaced again. It is even worst because all slaps have washed away" 

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