2023 election: INEC did Nigerians promise, fail trick - lawyer

2023 election: INEC did Nigerians promise, fail trick - lawyer

Barr. Igweh

2023 election: INEC did Nigerians promise, fail trick - lawyer

By Chinwe Nwacha, Onitsha

An Onitsha, Anambra State based legal practitioner, Barr. Igweh, Monday, expressed dissatisfaction with the manner Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, conducted the 2023 general election stating that it was mared with irregularities despite the pledge by INEC to Nigerians that it would be free, fair and credible.

Reacting, he said that not only was the election flawed, but there were reports of killings, ballot boxes snatching non compliance with the electoral Act law that results would be uploaded from pulling units to INEC server, for transparency.

"There was a high hope to the Nigerians in 2023 elections, bearing in mind what electronics is all about, they tasted it and they showed it to the public how it is going to work and favour, and advantage they have to be able to keep up with the promise of free, fair and credible elections.

"So many citizens are already frustrated, for over 10 or 16 years, some people didn't vote because of deprivation of their rights, the mandate the constitution give to the public, for the citizens who are qualified to exercise, to choose anybody who suppose to lead them in any political sphere. The people are always deprived or denied their  right by the authority specified by the law to conduct elections.With the promise of BIVAS servers, Nigerian citizens have to move to the polls again.

"Unfortunately, there was a permutation that BIVAS failed or malfunctioned, that was the language they used, when  Nigerians asked does INEC have two different BIVAS for the two different elections they conducted in one day, one for National Assembly, one for presidency.

"The question that has rosed from there is that the National Assembly elections were transmitted through the BIVAS while that of presidency was not transmitted, apart from this, they told Nigerians it will be within an hour to 6 hours or last 24 hours within the time of the election. That the whole result will be out, it took INEC three  days to resolve the issue of who is the President of Nigeria and while some places were not completed and announced.

He said that others were however completed but on announcing them, there was objections as the law provided that INEC should resolve  issues before they go into announcement or declarations, but INEC ignored every objection and declared the results.

"They have a mandate, they also have to provide the public document, everything you did in serving the public is a public document as far as it concerns the government and the palastatals. The law provides that they must provide public document for whosoever have objections or who have been deprived of his right. They have to stop that, they insisted to be given a day, two days or three, while that was ongoing, people started going to the polls, going back to the curse.

He lamented that as Presidential candidates who felt they won the election went  to court to seek redress, INEC in it's  bias and promise and fail system, also went to court saying they are going to configure the BIVAS to get ready for Saturday elections. 

"Nigerians felt there was more to it than meet the eyes. They certainly  smelt a rat around the curtain and INEC insisted on configuring the BVAS and secure court order to configure, it is not a speculation, it is a question which the court has to taste.

"However, the real issues before the court with the provisions of the law, with the provisions of the Act and that of the INEC guidelines, are whether actually promises the INEC made through the Act of the National Assembly, from the law available, both of them are the same thing. The enabling law has the same force with the Act of which, who becomes the President from the mandate, with the composition of voters' cards and BIVAS, as far as two of them are not of equal terms.  

If the law we have  and the umpire are going to preside with the evidence before them, they are going to be confronted with the evidence before the public which happened within. There is certainly hope for the two parties, PDP and Labour.

The legal practitioner agreed with the possibility of the incumbent  president trying to influence the court in favour of whosoever he likes stating that one's conscience  and having God in mind, could make the Presiding judge to deliver judgement as it should be.

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