BREAKING NEWS: Orlu, Imo State again?

BREAKING NEWS: Orlu, Imo State again?

Banana junction, Orlu

Wonders shall never end!!!!! I can't believe this, so much tears in my eyes.

Banana junction, Orlu again!!!

Yesterday, a young girl called Adaku Okeke, an IMSU student* hired a taxi from Ihioma to take her to her school in Owerri.

On their way before Banana junction, the Taxi man took a diversion and Adaku got scared and asked him why. He said he was avoiding the soldiers and police men at the Banana junction check point ahead. She was not convinced and started feeling uncomfortable but kept quiet and was just praying.

The man continued and took a different turn again, and at this point she begged him to drop her. But instead of dropping her, the  driver accelerated the more in the rough and bushy way he took.

On getting close to a river with rough plank bridge, he killed his engine, jumped down and forced the poor girl down. As the girl came down she saw a big banner.

Unbelieveable! The banner read:

Go and get your PVC...

Shebi una like story?

GO and GET ur PVC...U must Vote a credible leader 2023....

You too like story. 🤓🤓🤓🤓

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