Akweke vows to arrest those accusing him of bribery allegation

Akweke vows to arrest those accusing him of bribery allegation

By Calis Mbadugha, Onitsha

The embattled chairman of Onitsha Bridgehead market, Anambra State, Hon. Chinedu Ezekweike Akweke, has denied going to Awka, State capital, with about #3.8 million bribe on behalf of victims of the recent Onitsha drug, (Ogbogwu) chemical explosion, to get permission for the reconstruction of their destroyed shops.

The victims who allegedly contributed the money were said to have demanded from Akweke, refund of their money since Akweke was turned back by the top functionary he went to give the bribe on behalf of the victims.

In a swift reaction to the allegation when contacted on phone by newsmen, Akweke denied all the allegations levelled against him reiterated that he never collected  any money from the victims nor went to Awka to bribe and get permission on behalf of the victims for the reconstruction of their shops, vowing to arrest anybody accusing him of such bribery allegation.

"It is not true that I collected the said amount from the victims as bribe to give to a top government functionary for permission to allow the victims to reconstruct their shops that were destroyed by the chemical inferno.

"Let the person who is accusing me prove it by identifying his name, I will arrest him to show proof how and who I gave the money. He has to show teller of the amount of money I paid and to whom the money was paid to," he fumed

He hinted when contacted earlier that his constant attacks were being caused by some of his caretaker committee members because he refused to share the money generated in the market meant for projects, infrastructural development of the market.

Reacting, a trader in the market, Chief Bonaventure Ucheagwu, who said he has his friends and relations that were victims of the inferno, stated that the victims were only demanding for the refund of their money since the chairman was turned back. 

"All the victims are saying is to refund them their money since the chairman could not get in touch with the official he wanted to give the money to permit the victims to reconstruct their shops. Since the chairman came on board as chairman, Caretaker Committee of Bridgehead market, it has been crises here and there.

"The 11 out of 13-man caretaker committee of the market has since dissociated itself from the bribery allegation and collection of such money as bribe from the victims.

"The chairman became power drunk for about three months of the inauguration of the caretaker committee and took monopoly of all functions and duties of the committee, believing that the market is his inheritance," Ucheagwu stated.

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